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Internships in London – The Greatest City in the World

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Our Internships in London:

Partnering with a range of first-class companies and NGOS, our program offers comprehensive personal and professional development. We offer internships in London across all industry sectors.London is a city of many faces– a hub of global business and finance, a magnet for the creative sector, and the home of many NGOs. Our London Internships offer successful applicants the opportunity to develop professionally in the industry sector of their choice.

London is a majestic city, full of history and beauty. It is also a city of ambition, on the forefront of the globe in a variety of sectors. For centuries, London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. An internship in London will make your resume shine.
The history. The beauty. The majesty. London is a city at the forefront of the globe. A city of many faces. A city of ambition. For centuries London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world.

In today’s competitive global economy, an internship in London is an invaluable addition to any resume. Working abroad shows an independent attitude, a clear drive to succeed, and an impressive cultural sensitivity.

Why choose our internships? London offers applicants a unique opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure in one of the world’s most important cities, and our internship program provides you with all of the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding. Quality accommodation, all your travel in London, internship mentoring, professional training resources, cultural and social events, and 24/7 local support are all included. You will develop a global network in meeting other program participants, make extensive connections in London, and later become part of our powerful alumni network.

Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies and organizations, it must be noted that our program is selective.

Apply now for an international internship– London is waiting!

Internship UK


In the 21st century London finds itself the headquarters to many of the world’s most important companies. The largest city in Europe and by far its biggest economy. A mesmerizing mix of culture, architecture, global cuisine, fashion, nightlife and business. This is a city that has it all!

The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world- Oscar Wilde
The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world- Oscar Wilde

Stand on Millennium Bridge at night and see the skyscrapers of the City of London, set against the backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral. Walk the streets of Westminster where the politicians battle one another in the Houses of Parliament, just next-door from Buckingham Palace.

Explore the East End, the coolest nightlife zone in Europe, where fashion trends are set and followed the world over. This is a city where potential is realized. This is a city where individuals flourish.

Internship Program

London Work Experience Internships London

All people enrolled on The Intern Group programs automatically benefit from a host of unique advantages.
In addition to a professional internship placement and quality housing, our London internship program provides you with the following :

London InternshipsAll your public transportation in London valid in the zones of your accommodation and workplace (typically in Zones 1 and 2). We provide you with a pre-loaded transportation card for the entire duration of your stay, giving you free and unlimited use of London’s metro system, buses and trains! All your transportation in London is thus taken care of when you intern in London.

Great support from our full-time local team with local expertise, from start to finish. Our London full-time team are all experts on London and are incredibly proud of the city – they want to show you why! They will organize your airport-pick up when you arrive in London, greet you at your accommodation and provide a thorough welcome-orientation to help you settle in to this great city and feel at ease! During the welcome orientation you will receive a welcome package with your pre-loaded London transportation card, known as an Oyster Card, inside. You will be shown how to use public transportation and how to arrive at your workplace, ready for your first day!

An active international community in London where weekday/weekend activities are constantly planned. At all times of the year we have large numbers of talented participants on our programs from all over the world. You will immediately become part of an international community, providing you with friends and networks to last a life time!

A full calendar of social and cultural events! Our full-time local team in London know the city inside out and will show you the best of it! The internship program includes the following events, free of charge for all participants:

Afternoon Tea Service. Afternoon Tea in London is an institution. You will enjoy some of the finest tea in the world, along with exquisite pastries, at one of the most exclusive venues in the city of London.
London Eye & River Cruise. Spend the afternoon seing the sights of London! First, from the famous London Eye where you will get a full 360 degree view of the city. Afterwards enjoy a relaxing cruise along the Thames with fun city facts along the way!
A West End Theater Night. London’s theater scene is ranked amongst the very best in the world. You will enjoy a first class evening at a top play or musical such as Chicago or Phantom of the Opera.
London Internship
Internship in London
Internships in London

In addition to these free events, we also organize regular optional events on a weekly basis. We regularly organize trips to museums, cinemas, bars, restaurants, the theater and other must-do activities in wonderful London. We also regularly organize trips to other beautiful cities within England such as Brighton and Bath, and day trips to the British countryside. Our team will show you the best of this beautiful city, and beautiful country.

Included in every internship program are:

  • Professional Internship
  • Quality accommodation (private bedroom in good area)
  • Professional development workshop, training & tools (communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills)
  • Industry-leading workplace performance assessment (created by global HR firm DDI International)
  • Expert training materials on key topics to help you get the most out of your internship experience
  • London Eye ride and River Thames Cruise
  • Tickets to a top London theater show with dinner beforehand
  • Afternoon Tea at a classic London venue
  • Airport pick-up (private car to collect you from the airport and take you direct to your apartment)
  • Public transport in London (free and unlimited use of the city’s metro system, buses & trains valid in the zones of your accommodation and workplace)
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from local staff
  • Written pre-departure welcome pack
  • Welcome orientation on your first day
  • Welcome package including city maps, important program information, a mobile SIM card & transportation card
  • An active international community of interns in London with regular events and activities organized
  • Visa assistance (where required)
  • Academic credit assistance (where required)
  • Recommendations for flights and insurance

The cost of all of these is included in the program fee.

Professional Development

Our programs provide exceptional professional development resources custom designed to amplify participants’ skills and help them make the most of their experience in order to achieve their career goals and objectives.

Professional Training Workshop

How do you make an excellent first impression? How do you speak with confidence? How do you control your body language to express yourself more effectively? These are just some of the questions that are answered in our unique professional skills training workshop. Partnering with prestigious RADA and an expert in workplace communication, we deliver a tailored and structured course to develop the key skills that you will need to excel in your internship and beyond.

Professional Development Tool

We have partnered with one of the world’s leading HR organizations (DDI International) to provide all of our participants with a “DISC” workplace personality and skills assessment, usually exclusive to CEOs and corporate leaders. With this tool, you can evaluate and better understand how you interact with others in the workplace and the relationships that you create there. The advice and guidance from this tool will enable you to effectively manage the impression people have of you and to build stronger relationships to make your work more efficient and effective.

Feedback from our participants about our professional development tool:

“I think it is a surprisingly accurate reflection of my attitude towards work, workplace behavior, etc. It’s absolutely wonderful that Intern London offers such a report to interns!”-Walter Neo

Expert Training Materials

In collaboration with HR experts, we have developed a library of training materials on a number of key topics essential to your development and growth. They include: interview techniques; making a lasting impression in the workplace; building your personal brand; resolving difficult situations and leveraging your international internship into a successful career. These materials are carefully designed to complement your international internship and to help you excel in a global job market.

Work Placement London
Internship England
Summer Internship London


We provide you with pleasant accommodation in safe, residential areas of London that include: Canada Water, Rotherhithe and Surrey Quays. You can choose from two accommodation options if you start your program outside summer start dates (June 20th & July 4th).

Shared Apartment

We offer private bedrooms in high quality shared apartment accommodation.

All of the student apartments are located nearby one another and all program participants will be living together or very close by. The apartments are excellently located 5 minutes from Central London and are the ideal base for exploring London during your stay.

Both housing options come with bedding, WIFI and cleaning as standard. Crucially, we take great care to make sure that all our housing options are located within a reasonable commute (within 35-60 minutes is typical) to your work by bus, metro or walk.

London Internship HousingLondon Internship Housing
London Internship HousingLondon Internship Housing

Family homestay

We provide private bedrooms in family homestays. Living with a London family is the perfect option if you wish to perfect your English and immediately be immersed in London life and culture.

All our families have been carefully vetted by our partner accommodation provider who have been working with many of the families for over 20 years. The vast majority are experienced in receiving international participants from all corners of the world.

Halls of Residence

Please note that all June 20th & July 4th starters stay together in premier accommodation (private en suite bedrooms in a University Halls of Residence) – only available during these months.

London Internship HousingLondon Internship Housing
London Internship HousingLondon Internship Housing

Language Classes

There is no greater place to study English than in London! Take advantage of an English language refresher course before your internship to ensure you gain the most out of your professional experience.

Our partner English school, St George International, has over 50 years’ experience of running English courses in London. It is one of the oldest language schools in the city and is a globally recognized leader in the field.

Intern LondonInternship in EnglandEnroll in our English course and benefit from a complete English learning curriculum in London, accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. The European language quality assessor EAQUALS have noted “St George International was inspected by EAQUALS in March 2010 and met the high standards required for EAQUALS accreditation. The teaching, the course programs, as well as the course organisation, the learning resources, testing and evaluation were all judged to be of high quality and are perfect for those looking to gain volunteer or work experience in London.”

Our partner school, St George International, is located just off iconic Oxford Street, providing a unique opportunity to improve your English in the very heart of the city.

A refresher course for any length

This group course consists of 20 lessons per week (15 hours). Running from 9.15am to 12.45pm, this general English course gives you the opportunity to improve your all-round ability in English by focusing on grammar and vocabulary development, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

Classes are available all year round and courses taken in the summer months also come with access to facilities at the University of Westminster.

Intern in London

All Levels of English

On your first day at the English school in London you will take a short test to determine which is the right class for you.

We offer English classes across all levels-from Complete Beginner to Highly Advanced – corresponding fully to the European Union´s framework of Reference for Languages (A1 – C2):

  • Beginner I: A1 Breakthrough
  • Beginner II: A2 Waystage
  • Intermediate I: B1 Threshold
  • Intermediate II: B2 Vantage
  • Intermediate III and Pre-advanced: C1- Effective Operational Proficiency
  • Highly Advanced and Superior: C2- Mastery

Special Discounts with The Intern Group

By booking your language course with The Intern Group, you will save on registration fees that you would normally be charged. Apply now to add a language course to your internship program – the perfect way to build your English skills before you start your internship program. Maximize the benefit of your once in a lifetime experience!


There are many visa options for international students who are selected to take part in an internship in England.

    1. EU students can enter with no restrictions.
    2. All other nationals can enter with an “Intern in Britain visa” (UK Border Agency Tier 5) issued by BUNAC. To enter on this visa you must:
      • Be over 18.
      • Be currently registered on an undergraduate or graduate course anywhere in the world or have graduated within the last 12 months when you arrive in the UK.
      • Have a good level of English
      • Take the IELTS language test and get a score of 6.0. This is required for any participant not from an English speaking country. Full instructions are on the front end of the IELTS website. The test costs around £145 and the results will be available 13 days from the date of your test.
      • Be able to support yourself financially for the duration of your internship (have a minimum $2500 for USA applicants, £945 for other applicants). You must be able to demonstrate funds above the level required for all of the 3 months prior to a visa application.
      • The total cost of the BUNAC visa is USD 1,100
    3. Nationals of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Monaco and overseas British territories can enter on a “Youth Mobility visa” (UK Border Agency Tier 5). To enter on this visa you must:
      • Be 18 years old or over when your visa lets you come to the UK (becomes valid) and under 31 years old when you apply.
      • Have £1,890 in available maintenance (funds) when you apply. You must be able to demonstrate funds above the level required for all of the previous 3 months prior to a visa application.
      • The total cost of the Youth Mobility visa is GBP 208

The above information was correct on the 22/08/2014. Please note immigration and visa rules and processes can and do change very frequently.

Top FAQs

Top FAQs | Internship | Financing | Misc.

Are these internships paid?

Our mission is to facilitate accelerated professional development for international students. Whether these internships are paid or not is down to each specific placement company. However, internships in London do tend to be unpaid.

Why should I do the program? How will an internship abroad benefit me?

Our Internship London program is an investment in your future and will give you a substantial advantage. International, blue chip, london work experience will significantly aid you when searching for long term employment. You will have demonstrated the ability to think outside the box and handle another culture and language while working for a highly respected name. Previous interns have also received full time offers of employment from their London host companies on completion of the internship.

And the above doesn’t even touch on your personal development and the fun you will have!

I am a UK national – Can I apply for the London program?

UK nationals are not eligible for our London program. If you are from the UK we recommend applying for our programs in Hong Kong, Madrid, Latin America and Melbourne.

Our exclusive program aim is to provide accelerated professional and personal development for international participants. Our program focus is around travel, cultural immersion and international education.

I have been accepted onto the program – when is the deadline to confirm my place?

If you have been offered a place on our international internship program, the deadline to confirm your place is set at two weeks after being accepted. If you forgo your acceptance, you will need to reapply.

How do you view re-applicants?

We have many more applicants for our Internships London program than places available. As a result of high competition, first-time applicants are given priority in our admissions process. We do not accept reapplications for the program within six months of a previous application. Applicants that are reapplying must demonstrate a continued commitment to their professional development, demonstrated on their CV/resume through additional academic, work-place or voluntary experience.

When is the deadline to apply?

Our Internship UK program start every month of the year. So whether you want a Summer Internship London experience or a program that suits you at another time of the year, we have a program for you. We accept applicants on a rolling basis. We recommend applying at least 2 months before your preferred start date. In high season (May, June, July & August start-dates) we recommend applying at least 3 months before your preferred start date.

How and when do we make our decisions?

We aim to develop an innovative and culturally sensitive new generation ready to tackle the global issues that affect the world today and tomorrow.

We value adventure, open mindedness, broad horizons and an international mind set. We generate a large scale flow of top minds to our partner companies, NGOs, hospitals and governments. We value academic excellence and those who think outside the box.

After your interview you will be informed within 3 business days if you have been successful in your application.

How much does the program cost?

Please visit our integrated prices page.

What is the Summer Program?

The summer program starts on June 20th and July 4th and is an extremely popular option amongst our applicants. All interns will live together in a modern Halls of Residence and will have an en-suite bathroom as well as other great amenities on site.

Please note that the Summer Program is a higher cost because of the en-suite rooms and other on site amenities. Please be aware that a refundable damage deposit of £200 may be required upon check-in. This will be refunded upon departure once the room has been checked.

The Summer Program is a great way to live with a large group of other interns and enjoy a brilliant summer in London!

What is included in the program?

If you are successful in your application, as part of our Internship England program you will receive:

London: What’s Included?

  • Internship in a great organization
  • Quality accommodation
  • Public transit card (all your transport costs in London covered)
  • Airport pick up
  • Full calendar of social events with our international community of interns
  • Afternoon Tea Service
  • River Thames Lunch Boat Cruise
  • West End theater night
  • Pre-trip welcome pack
  • Welcome orientation
  • Academic credit assistance
  • 24/7 emergency support from our full-time, experienced London staff
  • Visa assistance

What is not included in the program?

Air fare, medical insurance & visa costs are not included.
Daily food is not included.

Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?

We only offer scholarships through agreements with partner universities. We recommend speaking with your university to see if your university is a partner and what funding is available for our program. Available funding varies from partner university to partner university.

We do not offer scholarships to individuals who are not from one of our partner universities.

If you are an individual not from one of our partner universities please view the following links for 3rd party financial aid:

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: Institute of International Education
International Education Financial Aid: Financial Aid College Scholarship Search | IEFA
IE Passport Study Abroad Funding Directory: Study Abroad Scholarships | Study Abroad Funding | Institute of International Education

Can I live at home or a relative’s house and take the housing out of the cost?

We are generally unable to remove any elements from our all-inclusive programs. The employers we work with depend and ask for this service, as it guarantees your reliability. However, if you have particular needs please do contact us.

Can I see a list of employers or choose to intern at a specific company?

We do not provide a list of partner companies.

Firstly, our list of partner companies is not static. We often partner with new companies if they would be a better match for a participant. We have dedicated out-reach teams, working on our participants´ accounts, in all program destinations, meaning our list of partners is constantly growing and evolving.

Secondly, we do not provide a list as interns then attempt to “pick and choose” which companies they specifically want to work for. This promotes unrealistic expectations, as partner company needs, your wishes & background and external factors such as timing are all taken into account during internship-placement. If you are accepted into our program you are guaranteed a great role in your area of interest. However, due to the factors listed above a specific company cannot be guaranteed.

When will I find out where I am interning?

Our London Team will engage in a collaborative internship placement process with you and confirm your internship role typically around four to six weeks before your departure date. Please note this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons.

What happens if I don’t get the internship I want?

When you apply you are asked to state your primary & secondary areas of interest (for example, primary preference: law, secondary preference: government & politics). You will be given the chance to discuss and confirm these sector choices during the phone/Skype interview with our Admissions Team.

Successful applicants are guaranteed a professional internship in their primary or secondary area of interest. We are highly experienced in internship placement and pride ourselves on successful matches between our participants and our partner companies. All companies we work with are extensively vetted to make sure they provide a rewarding internship experience for our talented participants.

Our confidence in our program is demonstrated by our full money back guarantee.

Our program comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not placed in your primary or secondary area of interest – giving you peace of mind that you will have a fantastic internship experience abroad. It should be noted that the vast majority of interns receive their primary preference area.

Can I speak with the London Team before I am accepted and confirm my place in the program?

Due to high volume of applications, we only introduce successful applicants who have formally confirmed their place on the program to our local team.

The Internship

Top FAQs | Internship | Financing | Misc.

How does the internship placement process work?

Our programs are competitive and early applications are encouraged. Early applications get primary consideration for the most competitive roles in our extensive network.

After applying to The Intern Group program and booking a convenient interview time, you will have a Skype/Phone interview with our Admissions Team.

In this 20 minute Skype/Phone interview we will question you about your background, experience and motivations, and discuss the opportunities available within your field.

After your interview you will be informed within 3 business days if you have been successful in your application. Successful applicants will then be formally offered a place in our program. You will be asked to confirm your place in the program by making a deposit. This deposit is fully refundable if you are not placed in your primary or secondary internship preference area – giving you peace of mind that you will have a fantastic internship experience abroad.

Once we have received your deposit you will have formally joined our program and we will introduce you to our team on the ground in your destination. Our team will engage in a collaborative internship placement process with you and prepare you to Skype/Phone interview for well-suited roles in your areas of interest. Interviews will typically be arranged 4-10 weeks prior to your arrival. Your internship role will typically be confirmed 4-6 weeks prior to your arrival (this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons). We recommend that you book your flights once your internship details are confirmed. You are then all ready for a fantastic experience abroad.

What hours should I expect to work?

Typically, participants work an average work week of no more than 40 hours. The company at which you are interning will set your work hours but the majority of internships will take place between 9 am and 5 pm.

Will I obtain academic credit?

We work with universities around the world to assist their students with academic credit requirements. Please see our academic credit information page for more information.


Top FAQs | Internship | Financing | Misc.

When is payment due?

In order to confirm your place in the program, you must pay at least 50% of your outstanding balance within 28 days after we have confirmed your internship role. Any remainder is due at least 21 days before the start date of your program. All program fees must be paid in full by this date.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Your deposit is fully refundable if you are not placed in your primary or secondary internship preference area.

Please see more details on the cancellation policy below:

(a) Your Initial Deposit (“Initial Deposit”) is 500 British Pounds Sterling (abbreviated as GBP or £) regardless of destination. The Initial Deposit is for the sole purpose of reserving your position in the Program and covering certain related administrative expenses. Upon receiving your Initial Deposit, The Intern Group agrees to place you in an internship by the Placement Deadline.

(b) Upon payment of your Initial Deposit, you agree to fully co-operate with The Intern Group in its attempts to find you a placement and agree to do so until the passing of the Placement Deadline. Examples of noncooperation include, but are not limited to, not actively working with your assigned representatives from The Intern Group, skipping or missing scheduled internship interviews, not engaging in internship discussions with your Internship Coordinator, not responding to The Intern Group communications in a timely manner, allowing the placement process to be delayed due to missing agreed payment due dates and unreasonably refusing internships offered to you.

(c) If The Intern Group is unable to place you in an internship role in your Preference Area before the Placement Deadline, you will be given the option (i) to drop out of the Program and receive a refund of your Initial Deposit and all other Program payments made by you (“Full Refund”), or
(ii) to request that The Intern Group continue the search process until you are placed; and if The Intern Group is still unable to place you within the extended time, you will receive a Full Refund.

(d) However, if you withdraw from the Program for any reason before the placement deadline other than The Intern Group’s failure to place you by the Placement Deadline in your Preference Area, or if The Intern Group determines, in its sole discretion, that you did not fully co-operate in the placement process at any time before the Placement Deadline, The Intern Group will be entitled to 100% of your Initial Deposit. If you withdraw from the Program for any reason after being placed with a partner organisation, The Intern Group will be entitled to 100% of your Initial Deposit and 50% of the Program Fee. If notice is received by us less than 21 days before the Commencement Date, The Intern Group will be entitled to 100% of your Initial Deposit and 100% of the Program Fee. All requests for refunds must be received in writing within 30 days of withdrawal.

I don’t need housing/social activities/etc – can I just pay for what I need?

Ours is an all-inclusive program for all participants, so we are generally unable to remove any elements from the program. However do get in touch if you have special requirements.


Top FAQs | Internship | Financing | Misc.

Is attendance at our events mandatory?

All of the events and activities that we organize are optional, but you are expected to treat your internship itself very responsibly.

Who will I be living with?

You will typically be living with other interns from the program and, occasionally, other international students in London.

Housemate selection is determined by the time of year, accommodation availability and participants´ program specifics (such as duration of program).

Our focus is to provide a great experience and to manage serious issues before they become a problem.

It is your responsibility to have a nice, harmonious cohabitation. While we will assist in the case of serious problems, we expect all accepted participants to display high levels of independence, responsibility and maturity.

Can I live in the accommodation for some time before or after my internship program?

We can only guarantee housing for the duration of your internship program. If you would like to stay longer, it may be possible to arrange this, but your program fee does not cover this cost and you will need to pay the accommodation provider for the extra time that you spend there.

When should I book my flights?

We recommend booking flights as soon as your internship role is confirmed.
This is approximately 4-6 weeks before arrival (please note in peak times this may vary).

What happens when I arrive in London?

Before you leave, you will be sent a welcome pack that gives you all the information you will need to prepare for your arrival. When you arrive you will be picked up by our trusted driver in London, taken to your accommodation and met by your experienced coordinator for an induction. If you arrive in London after 6pm local time you will meet your coordinator the following morning.

Program Fees

Note: All London fees are in British Pounds (GBP)

Standard Fee
Standard Fee

  • 6 Weeks£3,295
  • 8 Weeks£3,875
  • 10 Weeks£4,395
  • 12 Weeks£4,990
  • 16 Weeks£6,395
  • 20 Weeks£7,690
  • 24 Weeks£8,970

Summer Fees
June & July
Summer Fees
June & July

  • 6 Weeks£3,470
  • 8 Weeks£4,050
  • 10 Weeks£4,550
  • 12 Weeks£5,170
  • 16 Weeks£6,575
  • 20 Weeks£7,870
  • 24 Weeks£9,140

Summer fees apply to June and July starters.
Alumni Discount – If you have already completed an internship program with us in the past, you are eligible for an Alumni Discount*.
*10% Alumni Discount for program start dates year round excluding peak season (June and July).
*5% Alumni Discount for program start dates in June and July.
These prices do not include visa fees. For more information please check the visa and FAQ page.

Program Start Dates

Programs are available all-year-round on a rolling admission schedule with the following start dates:

  • 7th November 2015
  • 5th December 2015
  • 2nd January 2016
  • 6th February 2016
  • 5th March 2016
  • 2nd April 2016
  • 7th May 2016
  • 4th June 2016
  • 2nd July 2016
  • 6th August 2016
  • 3rd September 2016
  • 1st October 2016

Please view our financing page for more information on funding our internship abroad program.