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About us

Meet our team

Our 100-person team spans five continents but we are unified by our purpose and four core values that help us to live and work on this every day.

Our purpose: We inspire and encourage people to believe in and challenge themselves, discover their passion and realize their potential.

Our core values: People FocusTeamworkContinuous Learning and Global Leadership.


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David Lloyd

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

John Monahan

Non-Executive Director

Johanna Molina

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Neil Phillips

Chief Financial Officer

Lexie Kadlec

Director of Enrollment Management

Andy Dillow

Director & COO

Lee Carlin

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Enrollment management

Melquin Ramos

Global Partnerships Project Manager

Abbi Freeman

Global Partnerships Intern

Rick Cross

Global Partnerships Associate: UK & Europe

Gabrielle Trasatti

Communications and Support Specialist

Ebony Thomas

Marketing Intern

Karen Wu

Global Partnerships Associate: Asia Region

Samantha Cameron

Head of Global Partnerships

Bridget McAndrew

US Partnerships Manager

Kirstie Weston

Head of Marketing

Lexie Kadlec

Director of Enrollment Management


Navita Verma

Toronto Experience Coordinator

Dolly Mahtani

Chile Experience Coordinator

Waranya (Tarn) Jearasakulpol

Bangkok Experience Coordinator

Shaina Sharma

Tokyo Experience Coordinator

Jenmika Tah-ai

Program Coordinator (Asia)

Airi Hosaka

Tokyo Manager

Caragh Keane

Dublin Partnerships Manager

Isis Loyola

New York Manager

Paul Lynskey

Dublin Manager

Tommy Siu

Shanghai Manager

Vivianne White

Toronto and California Manager

Brian Limbo

New York Experience Coordinator

Jessie Prabhakar

Melbourne Manager

Alana Cizzio

Australia Experience Coordinator

Phillipa Rust

Australia Director

Nichaphat “Nisha” Harnmaythee

APAC Placement Coordinator

Olivia Cao

Shanghai Experience Coordinator

Josh Li

Asia Business Development & Placement Associate

Lisa Chow

Asia Business Development & Placement Manager

Sheila Fu

Hong Kong Manager

Sau Yi Fung

Program Advisory and Visa Coordinator - APAC

Yiyan Chan

Global Head of Experience

Daniela Verenzuela

Spain Business Development and Placement Coordinator

Cristina Ramos

Barcelona Experience Coordinator

Carlos Pérez Bañuls

Madrid Experience Coordinator

Caterina Gangale

Barcelona Experience Coordinator

Laura Perdomo

Spain Head of Business Development and Placements

Lalita Benavides

Spain Manager

Gabriela Palacios

Americas Placement Coordinator

Alejandra Agudelo

Host Organization Team - Americas & EUAF

Melissa Cobb

Program Advisory and Visa Coordinator - Americas

Catalina Echavarria

Americas Regional Placement Lead

Hannah Broadbent

Americas Program Manager

Maria Camila Giraldo

Colombia and Chile Manager

Becca Smith

Global Head of Placements

Melanie Konstandt

London Experience Coordinator

Josiah Roberts

London Placement and Operations Assistant

Kevin Ghassemi

EUAF Placements Lead

Thomas Sherwen

London Manager

Nick Nader

Program Advisory and Visa Lead

Elliot Gould

Head of Placements London

Melisha John

Regional Head of Experience EUAF

Andy Dillow

Director & COO

Lee Carlin

Co-Founder and Executive Director


Yenny Montyoa

Accounts Analyst

Jonathan Pacheco

FP&A Manager

Sebastián Becerra Canal

Salesforce Analyst

Hannah Mark

Finance Analyst

Erika Londoño

Senior Accounts Analyst

Katrin Terkatz

Business Technology Manager

Neil Phillips

Chief Financial Officer


Matthew Hursh

Admissions Officer

Ellen Weathers

Admissions Officer

Alexandra Bobet

Admissions Officer

Jason Ramsay

Regional Admissions Manager, Europe & Africa

Ashlea Burke

Regional Admissions Manager, Asia & Australia

Marty Schissler

Senior Regional Admissions Manager


Rebecca Lipkowitz

People Partner Associate