Internship experience is becoming more and more important to employers. It is also becoming more and more common, making it hard to stand out in a competitive job market.

Our international internship programs not only create leaders and advance your career, but make your resume unique.

There are no limits to the benefits that you will gain by working alongside professionals in your career field while immersing yourself in a new culture abroad. The world awaits!

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1. Career Development

Our programs provide professional development resources custom designed to amplify participants’ skills. These resources will help you make the most of your professional experience so that you achieve your career goals and objectives.

Our Resources Include


We have partnered with leading career experts around the globe to provide all of our participants with a career-boosting professional training workshop.

How do you make an excellent first impression? How do you speak with confidence? How do you control your body language to express yourself more effectively?

These are just some of the questions that are answered in our unique professional skills training workshop.

We have partnered with one of the world’s leading HR organizations (DDI International) to provide all of our participants with a “DISC” workplace personality and skills assessment. These tools are usually exclusive to CEOs and corporate leaders. With this tool, you can evaluate and better understand how you interact with others in the workplace and the relationships that you create there. The advice and guidance from this tool will enable you to effectively manage the impression people have of you and to build stronger relationships to make your work more efficient and effective.
In collaboration with HR experts, we have developed a library of professional and cultural training materials on a number of key topics essential to your development and growth. They include: dealing with panic zone situations; the dangers of stereotypes; adapting to an international office environment; interview techniques; making a lasting impression in the workplace; building your personal brand; resolving difficult situations and leveraging your international internship into a successful career. These materials are carefully designed to complement your international internship and to help you excel in a global job market.
We have partnered with various leading career coaches to provide our applicants with an invaluable, personalized one hour coaching session. Our experienced Alumni Success Coaches are experts in their fields and specialize in a wide variety of topics ranging from landing your dream job, to Linkedin branding and negotiating salaries. Successful applicants are able to choose from our portfolio of experts who they would like to guide them through the next steps after their international internship. *Eligible for interns interviewed after June 1st, 2017.

2. Lifetime Experience

An international internship is not only about professional development, but also your personal development.

We send our participants on a once in a lifetime experience that will open them up to the world around them.

During our internship programs, our participants explore the world, make lifelong friendships from across the globe, and learn an immense amount about themselves.

The rewards gained from living (and interning) outside of your comfort zone are invaluable and truly add up to the lifetime experience we aim to provide.

3. Academic Credit

An international internship is a great opportunity for professional and personal growth and as such many universities allow you to gain course credit for completing a relevant industry placement. The exact process and requirements for getting academic credit vary by university but this 5-step guide will give a broad overview of what is involved and steps you should take.

5 Steps for Getting Credit for Your Internship

Talk to your academic supervisor
They will be able to tell you if your university and your specific course allows you to complete an industry placement for credit. If it is an option, ask for the list of requirements. For example, there may be a set number hours you must complete, a limited number of roles you can do and criteria related to your host company
Complete an interview with us
During the interview be sure to tell the admissions officer that you will be doing the internship for credit. Also let them know about any requirements your university has as this may affect your program choice. It is a good idea to send any relevant documents from your university to your interviewer after the call so they can add them to your file.
If you are accepted, go back to your academic supervisor
They will be able to tell you the next steps in the university’s procedure to formally apply for getting academic credit for your placement. At the same time confirm your place in our internship program by paying your deposit.
Work with the country coordinator to arrange your placement
Once you have confirmed your place our placement team will work with you to find the best match for you based on your industry interests, past experience and university requirements. Make sure you keep the team up to date on any requests or deadlines given by your university and ensure you allow enough time if you need documents or information sent.
Complete your internship
During your internship take care to fulfil all tasks and requirements set out by your university as it can often be difficult to complete any forgotten activities once you are back home. Your academic supervisor should provide you with tools to record and reflect on your professional experience but, if not, we are able to provide you with example documents and resources.

4. Housing

All housing options include a private bedroom within a shared apartment or student residence. There are slight variations depending on the country in which you complete your internship program. We only offer private bedroom accommodation in our program destinations. We believe that private bedrooms are best suited to our participants’ professional development. You will be placed in a safe and pleasant area within reasonable distance from your internship placement.

Home-Stays are available in London upon request.

5. Support & Logistics

We have full-time staff based in your internship destination to provide you with the support you need during your internship abroad.

If you are accepted to our program, they will assist you through everything from the placement process/interviews and arrival in country, to arranging your accommodation and airport pick up. They will also provide you with 24/7 emergency assistance.

On top of that, each country team has a dedicated team member to organize social and cultural events to make sure your time abroad is logistics free. All you need to focus on is your professional internship and having a good time.