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Computer Engineering

Computer engineering internships offer ambitious professionals the chance to hone their technical skills, build impressive portfolios, and make valuable professional connections for a successful career.

If you’re looking to specialize in Computer Engineering, then an internship in IT & Computer Science or Engineering would be a great opportunity for you!

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Our computer engineering internships are designed to prepare top professionals for competitive and influential careers across a wide variety of industries. The essential skills that set computer engineering professionals apart and make them so valuable to employers are complex and require hands-on experience. From data analysis to security, and front and back end web development, these competitive placements ensure interns are prepared for careers spent at the forefront of their chosen industries.

We place interns leading organizations around the world. From Asia to Latin America, our interns learn from top global professionals and gain an international perspective. Each placement is unique, and is based on the intern’s interests, goals, technical skills, and academic and professional background. From exciting startups to nonprofits, financial institutions and research universities, these placements ensure interns are set up for success.

Our computer engineering internships are available both virtually and in-person. Remote computer engineering internships are also available part-time,  to ensure accessibility for applicants from all backgrounds, including busy students, parents, and professionals.

Responsibilities at computer engineering internships may include:
Front and back end web development using Python, HTML, Java, C+, C++, CSS, SQL, Smartsheets
Conducting quality assurance testing to ensure that all bugs are found
Analyzing data and presenting conclusions

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“I help design the games, think about what's going to go in them and think about how to make them better. At the moment it's really hard to find work, so this internship was a great chance to get started on the professional ladder.“

Alfie Flewitt King's College London

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