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Data Science

Launch your career in a competitive and interdisciplinary field with data science internships. Get technical training, hands-on experience, and develop a top-tier portfolio through an immersive data analysis placement with a top international organization.

If you’re looking to specialize in Data Science, an internship in IT & Computer Science would be a great opportunity for you!

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

The world of data is incredibly diverse, all-encompassing, and constantly evolving. The demand for data scientists and analysts is huge, and growing exponentially every year. There’s also a relative shortage of qualified data experts, making those with strong backgrounds in the field incredibly valuable to companies around the world.

In today’s technology-focused economy, most organizations and leaders use data to inform their decision-making. From medicine to government and tech to retail, every industry relies on analysis and projections to move the field forward.

However, these elite roles are also highly competitive. Hands-on experience is absolutely essential if you’re looking to break into the field. Our data science internships offer the professional experience necessary to get a foot in the door, and offer a unique view of the industry. Whether you’re interested in machine learning, data analysis, data architecture, or business intelligence, these immersive roles are the perfect entry point. Applicants can select virtual or in-person placements, and part-time or full-time roles.

Responsibilities at data science internships may include:
Build models predicting consumer behaviors
Collaborate with cross-functional teams
Assist with customer segmentation projects
Present the results of analysis to investors and leadership

What are the benefits of a remote data science internship?

Many of the top employers of data scientists are also at the forefront of the global transition towards remote work. Remote data science internships are a unique chance to gain experience in the midst of the virtual workforce while remaining immersed in one of the top organizations in the field. Data analysis internships are some of the most competitive and popular within the broader data science field, as are machine learning placements. Each of these niche areas is unique in today’s economy because of their technicality and extreme specialization, as well as the flexibility professionals in these fields enjoy.

Remote data science internships are perfect for students, graduates, and career changers alike. Regardless of background, interns benefit from a broad range of career-focused program elements designed to ensure success. In addition to working closely with top professionals at their organizations, interns take part in a customized career training, focused specifically on skills required for success in the 21st-century workplace. Our Keynote Speaker Series offers the unique chance to learn from the world’s most successful authors, politicians, and entrepreneurs, to ask questions and gain insights.

Whether you’re pursuing an internship to help ensure a smooth transition to your first job, are hoping to advance your career, or want to make a change, the professional opportunities are endless.

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“I help design the games, think about what's going to go in them and think about how to make them better. At the moment it's really hard to find work, so this internship was a great chance to get started on the professional ladder.“

Alfie Flewitt King's College London

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