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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering internships equip professionals with the hands-on experience and essential skill set necessary for a successful career spent designing and manipulating electrical systems.

If you’re looking to specialize in Electrical Engineering, then an internship in Engineering would be a great opportunity for you!

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Our immersive electrical engineering internships are designed to provide young professionals with technical skills, impressive portfolios, and essential professional connections.

These placements ensure ambitious engineers at all stages of their careers to enter their chosen field with confidence. Technological industries are growing rapidly, as is the need for experts to design and maintain their systems and equipment.  These industries are transforming the way we live and work in every corner of the globe. In this unique international environment, the opportunities available to electrical engineering professionals are endless.

Electrical engineering internships offer a chance to hone technical skills and apply foundational theories in a professional setting. Interns develop skills in design, communications, research, and project management, and are prepared to jump feet first into their next step.

We offer both remote and in-person placements to ensure maximum accessibility. Our interns come from around the world and from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds.

Responsibilities at electrical engineering internships may include:
Collaborating on product designs and evaluations
Assisting with testing and development
Conducting research and identifying opportunities for automation

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“The highlight of my internship was getting to work with the entire company. Two chairs down from me sat the CEO and behind me sat the CTO.“

Tyler Moehlman Texas A&M University

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