Architecture is renowned as one of the most demanding university careers, and is also one of the most rewarding.
By doing an architecture internship abroad, it will add to your portfolio and make your resume stand out.

Our international architecture internships provide the perfect opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in the classroom. We work with first class architecture firms, in both residential and commercial projects. You will support top industry professionals with a wealth of experience in the planning, design and construction of high quality projects and in presentations to clients.

Architecture internships aim to give you a well-rounded experience of every step in developing a project. You will acquire skills to plan projects reflecting functional, technical, environmental, and aesthetic considerations while also appreciating the pragmatic aspects, including scheduling, cost estimation, and construction administration. We work with first class firms in all of our destinations.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Going on site visits and performing project research
  • Collaborating with designers, consultants, urban planners and contractors
  • Creating outlines and 3D models with programs such as Photoshop and InDesign

Interns have previously been placed with:

  • Predium- based in Colombia
  • Dublin Design Studio- based in Dublin
  • Archilier Architecture- based in New York
  • Hassel Studio- based in Hong Kong


Sulitze Muñoz Architects, based in Madrid and founded by Holger Sulitze and David Muñoz, have been developing their architectural activity in both public and private areas. Sulitze Muñoz Architects have years of international experience and have been working on projects for foreign organizations, helping them set up in Spain to improve the country’s facilities. Our talented interns who work within this company enjoy a range of activities. They are fully involved in all aspects of projects, from the concept analysis and project development stages to marketing efforts. An international architecture internship is just what you need to gain skills in this career field.

Example Program Participant: Malissa Phey from Deakin University, Australia, talks about her internship at Sulitze Muñoz in Madrid.