Art, Photography & Design

We offer international internships in Art, Photography & Graphic Design.

For those interested in international Graphic Design internships, we have outstanding roles with magazines, fashion companies and marketing companies. We also offer international Art internships in galleries and photography internships in studios. All roles will provide you with a full range of opportunities. These opportunities will allow you to work with top professionals in the industry and help you gain stand-out experience.

Many young people aspire to a career in the creative field.

Succeeding in the creative industry requires an ability to think outside the box and bring innovation and fresh ideas to the table. It’s about ideas and passion. Our program will supply you with inspiration and a kick-start into these particular fields. An international internship will teach you about creative styles from all over the world, as well as give you valuable experience that is vital to stand out in this competitive industry.

We offer highly rewarding internships in these fields in all our destinations – opportunities that will accelerate your career development.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Creating print and digital promotional material using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator
  • Setting up studios, adjusting lighting and assisting with photoshoots or gallery expositions
  • Liaising between marketing teams, printers, vendors and clients

Interns have previously been placed with:

  • Surge Innovations- based in Chicago
  • SM Digital- based in Colombia
  • Olivier Cornet Gallery- based in Dublin
  • Victionary- based in Hong Kong

Example company of where we have placed interns in the past: Proud Galleries

Proud is a collection of famous contemporary photography and art galleries in London. Proud owns 3 different galleries in some of the most exciting areas of London: Camden, Chelsea, and The Strand. Proud was originally founded in 1998 by Alex Proud with the aim to provide modern and professional photography to a new market.

With over ten years of experience, Proud Galleries has established itself as a market leader and as Europe’s most popular privately funded gallery. Regularly featured in UK media, Proud Galleries has become known for its directional, cutting edge, and sometimes controversial shows. We place talented international interns in sales, PR, and production roles within Proud.

Video testimonial: Keegan Strandness interned with a London based lifestyle magazine

Example Program Participant: Keegan Strandness from Western Washington University tells us about his photography internship in London.