We offer International Business internships with a wide range of exciting companies around the world. We have partnered with multinationals, medium-sized businesses, and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms.

The world is becoming ever more globalized, and frontiers between countries are dissolving in the modern era. We are proud to place our participants in exciting international Business internships in all our program destinations. We place outstanding candidates in roles across all areas of business, ranging from sales, marketing, and PR to business development.

Our partner companies are looking for driven, talented and ambitious interns who are willing to take advantage of all the opportunities that they have to offer. Our International Business internships will make your resume stand out from the crowd and advance your career.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Managing website for SEO, digital media presence, online brand and sales
  • Building alliances both domestically and abroad to connect clients to other relative organizations and stakeholders
  • Researching and conducting a competitor analysis and auditing internal processes to provide feedback for improvements

Interns have previously been placed with:

  • Meta Consulting- based in Madrid
  • Startup Victoria - based in Melbourne
  • Motivo- based in Tokyo
  • Badger Mapping- based in California

Example company of where we have placed interns in the past: Orangina Schweppes

Orangina Schweppes is an unrivalled global brand that dominates today’s beverage market. With products sold in over eighty countries, Western Europe is the hub of their business. However, their trade reaches as far as Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, showing just how international this brand has become.

Orangina Schweppes’ popularity is driven by its uniqueness, creativity, and ability to relate to its consumers’ demands. They are known for their entrepreneurial strategies and their passion for the market. Our interns there have enjoyed working in market research, business administration and exporting.

Video testimonial: Javier completed a business internship at Wayra in Madrid

Example Program Participant:Javier from Saint Louis University interned at Wayra, a world-renowned start up accelerator owned by Telefonica, in Madrid.