Information Technology

We offer international IT internships in leading companies around the world.

IT dominates our daily lives and plays a pivotal role in how business is done today. From technology divisions of financial institutions to leading business incubators, we have challenging and rewarding IT internships for participants who wish to have a successful career in this growing sector.

We offer first-class roles across all sectors of IT in companies of all sizes, from corporates to exciting start-ups. We have previously placed successful candidates in roles specialising in app and website development, software engineering, and database design and management in all of our destinations. Gain a competitive advantage and advance your career with our international IT internships program.

Example company of where we have placed interns in the past: Mycrodynamics

MicroDynamics is known as an award-winning industry leader in technology consulting with a vast and unrivalled knowledge of implementing business process analysis and BPM solutions. We are proud to place interns in this company as they enjoy a variety of roles and responsibilities which will give them professional hands-on experience. MicroDynamics is the authorised reseller for iGrafx software, trading in Australia and New Zealand. Many organizations use its process modelling and process central repository solutions such as IAG, ANZ, Australian Unity, National Australia Bank, Qantas, and Westpac.

Video testimonial: Brian Limbo interned at TekPro

Example Program Participant: US student from Boston College, Brian Limbo, talks about his time in Colombia working for TekPro.

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