International Medical Internships

We provide first-class and fully-packaged international Medical internships in Latin America for Medical students.

Our programs are based on removing all the logistical issues surrounding international Medical Electives for you. We want you to fully concentrate on your training. We are committed to ensuring that the future doctors of tomorrow can experience the diverse and evolving nature of healthcare delivery in Latin America first-hand. We also want you to enjoy one of the most eclectic cultures and landscapes of the world! We are partners with a hand-picked selection of first-class private and public hospitals.

Our international Medical Electives are active roles. You will be interacting with patients within the restrictions of this sector. We have two requirements:
· Basic Spanish language by the time you start the program (equivalent to 2 years high school study)
· Minimum of 2 years studying Medicine at university and/or clinical experience

We offer Medical Electives in the following areas:
Accident & Emergency, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Clinical Medicine and Psychiatry.

You must have completed at least 2 years of Medical School to be eligible for our Medical Electives.

We also require that you have some Spanish language skills. By this we mean at least 2 years Spanish language study during High School (equivalent of GCSE in the UK). Alternatively, if you have no Spanish language skills and you wish to complete our Medical Electives, we recommend an intensive 2 week+ language course in Colombia immediately before starting your Medical Elective abroad. We will arrange this for you with our partner university.

We offer programs starting from 2 weeks long up to 24 weeks.

Program DurationProgram Fees (in US Dollars)
2 Weeks$2,490
3 Weeks$2,750
4 Weeks$2,990
5 Weeks$3,240
6 Weeks$3,480
Additional Weeks400 USD extra

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Example hospital of where we have placed interns in the past: Hospital Sabaneta

Hospital Sabaneta
“E.S.E. Hospital Venancio Díaz Díaz”

Hospital Sabaneta is a major public hospital located in Medellin, Colombia, with a national reputation for excellence. The hospital provides public health care for the inhabitants of Colombia’s second city and has a large team of dedicated resident doctors. We are proud to have previously placed our Medical students in this hospital after extended negotiations with the regional government.

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Video testimonial: Christopher Foran interned at Clínica Soma

Example Program Participant: Christopher Foran, an American Medical student at Thomas Jefferson University, discusses his time in Colombia working in the emergency department at Clínica Soma.

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