International Theater & Music Internships

Our international Theater & Music internships are hands-on roles, enabling you to learn about marketing, production and publication of the Arts.

Music is one of the most exciting businesses there is. Our international music internships enable you to gain real-world experience with both household name record labels and up-and-coming, boutique labels. The music internships that we provide span all sectors of the industry including PR, record label marketing and music production.

We work with high-quality theaters around the world to allow you to immerse yourself in the creative world, both on and off stage. In this famously competitive industry, an international internship is essential for a student looking to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Succeeding in the creative industry of theater and music requires an ability to think outside the box. It’s about ideas and passion. Research has shown that students who study or intern abroad are more creative because of their multicultural experience.

We offer highly valuable theater and music internships which will accelerate your creativity and career development in all of our program destinations.

Example company of where we have placed interns in the past: Codiscos


One of the first record labels in Colombia, Codisco has now become one of the largest and most influential in today’s market. Codisco prides itself with not only distributing material, but recording and encouraging talented artists, composers, and performers. Codisco’s music is currently sold under a number of labels that identify with various genres, such as Zeida, Power Salsa, Fe Productions, Wattsup!, and Do Re Mi. We are proud to place interns at Codisco, where they can learn an immeasurable amount about the music industry, which will give them skills to prepare themselves for a future career.

Video testimonial: Hunter interned at MN2S, an international booking agency in London

Example Program Participant: Hunter, a student from New Jersey, describes his time in London interning at an international booking agency.