Demonstrate your commitment to a worthy cause with an international NGO internship.

An international Non-Profit internship can be very demanding as it is a competitive sector. An NGO internship will prove your dedication and strength of character and will not go unnoticed by future employers.

We proactively encourage doing our international NGO internship program because volunteering not only helps others but also leaves you with a great sense of personal satisfaction. The founders of The Intern Group have all demonstrated a deep commitment to volunteering in their own lives. The Intern Group also donates to the NGOs with whom we partner.

We work with major international NGOs and smaller grassroots organizations in all of our program destinations. The NGO internships we provide span all sectors, ranging from Human Rights and Social Work to Animal Welfare. We have previously placed interns in organizations with causes related to Community Development, Healthcare & Sustainability, Social Services, Environmental Activism, and Political & Economic Development. A career in the third sector is incredibly varied and can suit a vast range of disciplines and degrees including Psychology, Sociology, and International Relations. In all of our voluntary roles you will have an important part to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Managing all social media outlets and creating promotional materials to expand the organization's outreach efforts
  • Assisting with fundraising campaigns and events
  • Researching, writing and applying for grants



Interns have previously been placed with:

  • Make a Wish- based in Chile
  • Habitat for Humanity- based in Dublin
  • Refugees International Japan- based in Tokyo
  • Greenheart International- based in Chicago

Example organization of where we have placed interns in the past: TECHO

TECHO is a youth led, non-profit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the joint work of families living in extreme poverty and youth volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty in slums. TECHO is convinced that poverty can be permanently eradicated if society as a whole recognizes poverty as a priority and actively works towards overcoming it.

Video testimonial: Jerred, Hannah and Lisa talk about their time interning in Madrid for an NGO

Example Program Participants: Jerred, Hannah, and Lisa from the US, UK and Australia, respectively, talk about their time interning at Access Info Europe, a human rights organization, in Madrid.

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