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Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing and most valuable fields in today’s economy. Machine learning internships offer a chance to gain insight into how top organizations in every industry are using data and artificial intelligence to evolve.

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Machine learning is one of the most essential tools for data science, and allows companies, organizations, and governments to harness the power of big data. When it comes to finding work in this field, the most important requisite is hands-on experience.

A machine learning internship offers a practical understanding of the techniques and tools used by practitioners. Interns learn how to understand data, make predictions, and ultimately decisions based on those predictions. Through intensive immersion, aspiring machine learning professionals develop specialized and highly valued skills, as well as step-by-step guidance from industry experts.


Responsibilities at a machine learning internship may include:
Designing data-driven systems
Designing and running experiments
Cleaning data
Researching data-driven solutions to business problems

What are the benefits of a remote machine learning internship?

Most of the top companies and organizations in the world today are already using machine learning to make business decisions. A remote machine learning internship offers an opportunity to be immersed in an organization making data a priority, and to learn to build models and find patterns. Many organizations utilizing machine learning are moving towards a virtual structure, making remote internships the perfect environment for learning in this globalized field.

Our virtual placements embed top applicants with companies from around the world and equip them with the experience necessary to succeed in the remote workforce.

Interns collaborate closely with cross-functional remote teams, and develop key communication and interpersonal skills in addition to an internationalized perspective. We offer placements in every field, allowing professionals to create models and gain insights from data for financial institutions, marketing agencies, and tech companies. While each placement is unique, every intern can expect to take on independent and group projects, with concrete results that stand out on an application.

These placements are designed to provide flexibility for interns who may have families, full-time jobs, or studies. Interns have personalized schedules and can choose from part-time and full-time options. The virtual community of interns is both diverse and extremely close-knit. Program participants build relationships with like-minded professionals in other parts of the world, meet experts through our speaker series, and build lasting relationships with their teammates and mentors.

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“I help design the games, think about what's going to go in them and think about how to make them better. At the moment it's really hard to find work, so this internship was a great chance to get started on the professional ladder.“

Alfie Flewitt King's College London

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