As one of the most popular and interesting academic disciplines, Psychology is an extremely competitive sector. Psychology internships abroad are highly sought after and are reserved for outstanding candidates looking to take their understanding of this sector to the next level.

Given that the study of human behavior can be applied to so many fields, the opportunities are limitless for Psychology majors. Finally you can put what you’ve learned in the classroom into context. 

There are not only opportunities in leading NGOs focusing on mental health or substance abuse, but also opportunities in statistical or data analysis and research, HR, PR & Marketing and even business.

Whether looking for a career in today’s competitive job market, or applying for graduate school, Psychology internships abroad are essential for those looking to launch their career in this increasingly competitive sector. Successful candidates will simultaneously boost their cv or resume and make themselves stand out from their peers in the Psychology applicant pool.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Researching, writing and reporting on clinical studies
  • Analysing data to find marketing trends with consumer behavior
  • Working closely with the local community on projects related to homelessness, education, substance abuse, and mental healthcare access


Interns have previously been placed with:

  • Standing Together Against Domestic Violence- based in London
  • Build Chicago- based in Chicago
  • Fundación Juguemos en el Bosque- based in Colombia
  • Crossroads- based in Hong Kong


Youth Work Ireland works to develop the potential of young people and strengthen communities in Ireland through the provision of quality youth services. They have an established network of over 150 projects and services and over 300 youth clubs across Ireland. On a weekly basis they actively engage with and support over 116,0600 young people, their families and the local communities.

Example Program Participants: Lexi from University of British Columbia, Canada, and Ashley from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada, talk about their internship at Youth Work Ireland in Dublin.

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