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Social Sciences & Human Services

Our Social Sciences & Human Services internships abroad provide the perfect opportunity to not only travel to a new part of the world, but to also make an impact while doing so. Through this hands-on experience you will be able to really make a difference in a vulnerable community overseas.

Social Sciences & Human Services internships aim to give you a well-rounded experience by allowing you to integrate into a community abroad. You will acquire skills to work with people of different ages, ethnicities, education levels, and socioeconomic statuses at social work internships abroad.

As one of the most popular and interesting academic disciplines within Social Sciences & Human Services , psychology is an extremely competitive sector. Psychology internships abroad are highly sought after and are reserved for outstanding candidates looking to take their understanding of this sector to the next level and to maximize their professional development. 

Our alumni have interned at 3000+ organizations including:

Social Sciences & Human Services internships abroad are perfect for people with backgrounds in International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, but in general are a great opportunity for anyone eager to connect with a new community abroad. We work with major international social work organizations in all of our program destinations, ranging from those that focus on access to healthcare and education, to those that help victims of war and domestic abuse. Previous interns have been placed in organizations focused on Community Development, Education, Healthcare & Sustainability, Social Services, Environmental Activism, International Relations, and Political & Economic Development.

Responsibilities at Social Sciences & Human Services internships abroad may include:
Community outreach, campaigning, surveying and collecting demographic based data
Executing marketing responsibilities such as blog writing, managing social media channels and creating promotional materials for the organization
Liaising between different parties to assist in event planning or finding additional resources for community development programs
Working closely with the local community on projects related to homelessness, education, substance abuse, and mental healthcare access

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“The advice that I would give other interns is to come on this program with an open mind. Definitely try new things and explore the city, and come to every organized event. I've met amazing people and it's really nice to know you have a support network when you're in a different country.“

Lexi Macdonald & Ashley Duguay University of British Columbia & St. Mary's University

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