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Fall Internships 2023


Fall internships 2023. Watch the benefits in 90 seconds

Fall internships are an excellent way for gap year students, undergraduates and recent graduates to gain invaluable professional experience and launch their career.

Fall is an important season for companies and organizations in all sectors. It’s also a key time for ambitious young professionals looking to gain experience. During this time, companies are writing their budgets, setting annual goals, and thinking about their hiring schedule for the new year. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning an internship into a full-time job, fall internships 2023 are the perfect time to get your foot in the door. 

Whether you’ve spent your summer traveling or working a summer job, a fall internship allows you to gain additional experience and sets you apart from the large group of students completing summer internships. Fall internships in 2023 show that you’re highly motivated and ready to put in the effort. They also demonstrate highly valuable time management and organizational skills.

What's included?

Professional internship
24/7 support
Airport pick-up
Visa assistance
Cultural & social events
Career training
Network of international contacts

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Alina Merchant-Mohamed – Gap year intern

Life as a fall intern

Destinations for fall internships 2023


Fall 2023 is the perfect time to add some remote working experience to your resume, whatever your schedule looks like. Our remote internships are flexible opportunities to complement your commitments. You choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours per week. Remote internships are the perfect way to boost your career from anywhere.

North America

Fall is an incredible time to explore North America. From beautiful changing leaves in New York and Toronto to perfect weather in Los Angeles, there are endless reasons fall is an ideal season to intern abroad. If you’re hoping to travel without the mass crowds and heat of summer, this is the time!

Latin America

The last few months of the year are some of the very best for traveling in Colombia and Chile. In Medellin, known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” the mild weather persists year-round. However, other parts of Colombia do get more fluctuating temperatures, making fall a great time to visit. In Santiago, Chile, these months are Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, so interns will enjoy increasingly warmer weather and lengthening days.  


Traveling throughout Europe while learning from the region’s top professionals is best done in the fall. Interns can experience some of the world’s most famous events, including concerts and food festivals. Fall is also an excellent time of year to meet students on exchange from other parts of the world!


Fall internships in Asia allow young professionals to beat the immense heat that takes over many of the region’s top cities in the spring and summer, while still taking in all the amazing benefits. In terms of travel, the cooler fall months are the perfect time to visit your bucket list destinations. From the Great Wall of China to the pristine Thai islands, fall internships make for great timing if you’re traveling. Of course, fall in Asia also brings with it exciting events including Hong Kong’s prestigious Fashion Week, the Chinese Mooncake Festival, and more. Each of these offers an opportunity to learn more about culture, language, and business.


Melbourne is a wonderful city. From its welcoming culture to its world class art scene, Melbourne is the perfect place to spend some time exploring and learning from the top experts in your field.


Schedule an interview to speak with an international admissions officer about which destinations are right for you.

Why do a fall internship in 2023?

Interns tend to get more one-on-one mentorship and guidance during the fall, as the body of interns is smaller. This means that the opportunities to build key professional relationships are plentiful. As such, many fall interns are offered further opportunities when their internship ends.