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Fall Internships 2023

Career training for fall internships 2023

Professional Development/Career Readiness

Participants benefit from professional development before their program begins and after it finishes. The tools included in your fall internship program enable you to successfully prepare for your fall internship before you go, make the most of your experience while you’re there, and then successfully sell your experience in interviews to future employers.


  1. DDI International Workplace Assessment

    We partner with one of the world’s leading HR organizations (DDI International) to provide all of our participants with a “DiSC” workplace personality and skills assessment. This tool is usually exclusive to CEOs and corporate leaders. Key features include:

    • Evaluating how you interact with others in the workplace 
    • Better understanding the relationships that you create at the workplace
    • Tips on how to effectively manage your colleagues’ impressions of you
    • Advice on how to build stronger relationships at the workplace
  2. Training materials

    In collaboration with HR experts, we have developed a library of professional training materials on a number of key topics essential to your development and growth. These materials are carefully designed to complement your international internship and to help you excel in a global job market. They include: 

    • Adapting to an international office environment
    • Interview techniques
    • Making a lasting impression in the workplace
    • Building your personal brand
    • Resolving difficult situations 
    • Leveraging your international internship into a successful career


  1. A leading internship in your primary or secondary career field

    Our placement specialists work closely with you to find the right match, taking into account your academic and professional profile, career goals and language proficiency where necessary. 

    • We pride ourselves on successful matches between our participants and host organizations. 
    • We extensively vet our host organizations to ensure that they provide a rewarding internship experience.
    • Our placement guarantee: if you are not placed in your primary or secondary career field we will refund you in full– we are confident that we will find the right organization for you.
  2. Professional training workshop

    We provide two career-boosting workplace skills workshops focusing on many areas including professional development and core communication skills required to succeed in any environment.

    Session 1: How to get the most out of your international experience?

    In this first workshop, we share everything we’ve learned during our years of experience as the leading provider of internship programs to prepare interns for a successful and rewarding internship. We’ve learned what our interns need to know to succeed. In this session, we introduce key themes such as the growth mindset, the formula for success and the learning zone.

    Session 2: How to market your international experience

    In this workshop, we prepare our interns for their next steps, whether that’s applying for jobs, grad school or another route. We help interns to articulate their international story, develop their personal brand and prepare for interviews.