Internships in Hong Kong


Our internships in Hong Kong offer comprehensive professional development. We offer internship opportunities across all career fields, from information technology to financial services and public relations. We are proud to partner with a range of leading companies and NGOs.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading commercial centers and a powerhouse in Asia: the hub connecting the continent with the world. Our Hong Kong internship program offers successful applicants the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience in the industry sector of their choice in one of the world’s leading cities, all while making important global connections and boosting their resume and future career. The economic rise of China, and Asia as a whole, is well-documented. Those who experience it and understand it will be the leaders of tomorrow.

This is the city for a first-class international internship. Hong Kong offers applicants an amazing opportunity to gain vital work experience and industry exposure, and our program provides all of the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding.

Quality accommodation, your first month’s work commute in Hong Kong, internship mentoring, advanced professional training, cultural and social events, and 24/7 local support are all included in your program. You will form lifelong friendships with other program participants and networks which span the globe, forge long lasting connections in Hong Kong, and become part of our powerful alumni network after the program.

Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our program is selective. We offer summer internships as well as programs starting every month throughout the year in Hong Kong across all career fields.

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a magical, modern city built from the ancient civilization of China 5000 years ago. Cradling a cocktail of cultures, Chinese heritage, and British colonial history, Hong Kong will take your breath away.

The skyline of Hong Kong represents its opportunities. It exudes an aura of success that attracts and intimidates in equal measure. Lining both sides of the Victoria Harbor are some of the world’s most renowned financial institutions and investment banks. Nestling side-by-side are skyscrapers where the headquarters of many of the most profitable Chinese companies now sit. A city that never sleeps – Hong Kong is a shimmering playground for Wall Street power-players, commercial tycoons and fashion trendsetters.


Cosmopolitan is the synonym for Hong Kong. A stroll through the city can be likened to an express train journey through time. 500 year-old village walls are a reminder of the Hakka community heritage while Georgian and Edwardian architectures serve as a reminder of Hong Kong’s colonial past. You will never forget striking landmarks like Cheung Po Tsai Cave – the famous hiding place for a notorious 19th century pirate – and The Peak, a place you will be rendered speechless by the magnificent views below.

The evening scent of incense sticks lit by the millions of households still practicing Buddhist traditions, laced with the aroma of delicious cuisine wafting from restaurants serving food from all around the world, will guarantee to leave a lasting imprint on all of your senses, reminding you forever of this enchanting city, the gleaming, bustling pearl of Asia.



The Intern Group provides comprehensive visa assistance for all participants in the Hong Kong internship program. We will complete and submit all relevant documents to the Hong Kong Immigration Department on behalf of all participants. The visa cost is included in the program fee, but participants need to cover all necessary delivery/courier costs.

The visa required (training visa) is available for all nationalities in the world except nationals from :

  • Afghanistan
  • Cuba
  • Laos
  • North Korea
  • Nepal

Please make sure that you state your nationality clearly on your application.
The visa application procedures for residents of the People’s Republic of China, Macau & Taiwan vary slightly.

Application Procedures Processing Time:

It will normally take 4-6 weeks for the Immigration Department to process a training visa application upon receipt of all required documents, from both you and your placement company.
While this application must be submitted after your placement is confirmed, we recommend that you send in all the required documents to us 4 months ahead of your programme start date.

Required documents:

  1. Completed Form ID 992A
  2. Photocopy of passport photo and detail page (Note that the passport must be valid for at least 12 months from the date of application)
  3. Photocopy of proof of legal status (if any)
  4. Photocopy of proof of academic qualifications
  5. Photocopy of proof of work experience (if any)
  6. Photocopy of proof of financial statement
  7. Other on request
What is the age requirement?
If you have finished high school, you qualify for our programs. We have a number of participants that are on their gap year, although the majority are completing undergraduate university degrees. Our programs are also suitable for recent university graduates, MBA graduates, and even experienced professionals in career transition. The key point is this: every internship we arrange is customized for each individual accepted onto our program, and for their unique background/stage of career.
Do I need prior work experience?
No. As we are a customized internship program, our roles coincide with each person’s education level and professional experience. We have a range of program participants – from those doing their first internship to executives with extensive, impressive careers who wish to experience a new career field/destination.
Who do you accept onto the program?

Our program participants have included Harvard MBA graduates to a 17 year old on their first overseas trip. What our thousands of alumni have in common is more fundamental than any educational or professional qualification – it is an international mindset, combining a desire and ambition to further themselves with a keen curiosity to learn more about the world.

To read about how international internships are beneficial for all age groups, visit our blog article.


We provide you with accommodation in the safest and best areas of Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon side. Some of the areas we have previously placed interns in are Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, Mong Kok and Jordan.

Shared Apartment (private bedroom)

We offer accommodation (a private bedroom) in a shared mixed gender apartment. The accommodation is professionally cleaned prior to your arrival and comes with bedsheets and internet as standard. We take care to make sure that all our housing options are located within a reasonable commute (about 30-45 minutes is normal) to your work by bus, metro or walk. Occasionally the private bedrooms allocated are fitted with bunk beds. However, participants are never asked to share bedrooms.

Private studios are also available upon request at additional cost. If you wish to stay in a private studio please inform our staff at least 8 weeks prior to your start date and we will provide you with further details.

What's Included

Included in Every Program

In addition to a professional internship placement and housing, our Hong Kong internship program provides you with the following:

A full array of top class professional and cultural development resources. The focus of our international internship programs is on participants’ personal and professional growth. Alongside developing the independence and cultural awareness of living and working in a new country, our program places equal emphasis on the enhancement of the skills and experience required to fulfill their career ambitions. There are 5 key components to our professional and cultural development suite.

  • Workplace skills workshop on all core communication skills required to succeed in any environment
  • Intercultural competence training series to prepare you for the cultural differences that you’ll face when interning in a foreign country
  • Self assessment HR tool typically reserved for CEOs and corporate leaders
  • A wide array of training materials to ensure you have the guidance and support to maximize the benefit of your internship experience.
  • A personalized, one hour session with a professional Alumni Success Coach once you complete the program. Our experienced career coaches specialize in a wide variety of topics ranging from landing your dream job, to Linkedin branding and negotiating salaries. You choose from our portfolio of experts who you would like to guide you through your next steps after your international internship. *Eligible for interns interviewed after June 1st, 2017.

Your first month’s transportation in Hong Kong to and from work – We provide you with a pre-loaded transportation card for the first month of your stay, giving you free use of Hong Kong’s metro system, buses and trains for your work commute! With your first month’s work commute covered, you can focus on settling into this amazing city and excelling in your internship.

A full calendar of social and cultural events – Our full-time local team in Hong Kong know the city inside out and will show you the best of it! The Hong Kong internship program includes the following events, free of charge for all participants:

  • Mini-Vegas of Asia day trip
    Immerse yourself in the historical architecture, watch a spectacular acrobats show, and much more!
  • Tai O Fishing Village tour
    Picturesque villages and beautiful scenery provide a sanctuary away from the busy streets of downtown Hong Kong. Ride on the Ngong Ping Cable car,  climb up 240 steps to see the famous Big Buddha, enjoy a traditional Chinese lunch and tour the famous stilt houses that sit above the water.
  • Dinner and a view on The Peak
    Enjoy a delicious dinner before going up to the Sky Terrace for the most breath-taking panoramic view of Hong Kong.

In addition to these free events, we also organize regular optional events on a weekly basis. We regularly organize trips to museums, cinemas, bars, restaurants, the theater and other must-do activities in wonderful Hong Kong.

An active international community in Hong Kong where optional meet-ups are constantly planned – At all times of the year we have large numbers of talented participants on our programs from all over the world. You will immediately become part of an international community, providing you with friends and networks to last a lifetime!

Great support from our full-time local team with local expertise, from start to finish – Our full-time team in Hong Kong are all experts on the city and are incredibly proud of it – they want to show you why. They will organize your airport pick-up when you arrive in Hong Kong as well as your airport drop-off at the end of your internship. They will also provide a thorough welcome orientation to help you settle into this great city and feel at ease! During the welcome orientation you will receive a welcome package with your pre-loaded Hong Kong transportation card so that you can relax on your first day’s work commute.

*Please note that we are constantly and regularly revising our complementary excursions included in the program. The above are only examples of the types of exciting excursions we take. The excursions to be included in each participant’s program may be subject to changes due to seasonality, weather conditions, or current festivals in the country.


Traveling abroad for your internship is a big step.  The Intern Group partners with Talkspace to provide all our participants with fully anonymous access to a licensed online therapist for up to 3 months.  This ensures you'll always have someone to talk to when adjusting to life in your new city.

Language Study

Language Classes

More people speak Chinese than any other language in the world. Its value is growing and is now is a critical language should you want to have a truly international career. There is no better place to learn Chinese than in Hong Kong, the city where a perfect blend of East meets West exist and where ‘bilateral and trilingual’ communication is a government policy.

We have a partnership with a the leading Mandarin language school in Hong Kong. They offer a wide range of general and business courses from Foundation to Advanced levels. The school is located in the heart of the major financial hub – “Central” on Hong Kong Island and will be easily accessible from both your accommodation and your workplace.

Book your language course with The Intern Group and let us get everything arranged for when you arrive.

Starting from scratch or advancing through practice – pick the class that’s perfect for you.

  • Regular Mandarin Course: This is perfect for students who have an interest in learning a second language and would like to start from scratch. You will be placed in a small group and attend 20 hours of lessons – two hours per class, and you can attend one or two classes a week according to your schedule. Upon completion of this course, you will be familiar with the fundamental pronunciation in Mandarin, identify basic sentences and expressions, communicate in simple dialogues with Mandarin speakers in different contexts. Students who attain 75% of attendance will receive a certificate from Hong Kong Institute of Language.
  • 1-on-1 Elementary Mandarin Course: You can also choose to undertake the Elementary Mandarin for non-Chinese speakers course with a private 1-to-1 tutor rather than in a group. This will be a better choice if you wish to focus on particular areas of the language and receive lessons that are more tailored to your needs or interests.

Cantonese classes

Please note that Cantonese classes are also available through our partnering Mandarin School. Please contact the Intern Hong Kong team for further details.
All options are available at all times of the year. Contact our team for the latest pricing.

Dates & Program fees

Program Fees

*Note: The cost of the program is fixed in Hong Kong Dollars. The approximate equivalents in other currencies are displayed here only for your convenience.*
of program
Standard Fees
(September to May)
Summer Fees
(June to August)
4 Weeks$43,180$43,290
6 Weeks$49,230$51,290
8 Weeks$55,790$58,080
10 Weeks$62,330$64,770
12 Weeks$70,550$73,250
16 Weeks$89,140$92,650
20 Weeks$105,450$109,830
24 Weeks$120,560$126,080
Convert fees to

Program fees do not include flights, insurance or daily food & drink.
Please note that the Program Fees above are determined by the month in which your program starts.

Program Start Dates

Programs are available all-year-round on a rolling admission schedule with the following start dates:


  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • June
  • July
  • July
  • August
  • August
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December


  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • July
  • August
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December


Alumni Discount – If you have already completed an internship program with us in the past, you are eligible for an Alumni Discount*.
*10% Alumni Discount for program start dates year round excluding peak season (June and July).
*5% Alumni Discount for program start dates in June and July.

Discount for Financial Aid Recipients

  • If you are a college student in the USA receiving a Pell Grant, you are eligible for a 500 USD discount off any of our programs.
  • If you are a college or university student in the UK receiving a Maintenance Loan of over £8200 or a Maintenance Grant, you are eligible for a 500 USD discount off any of our programs.
  • If you are a college or university student in Australia receiving Youth Allowance, you are eligible for a 500 USD discount off any of our programs.
  • If you are a college or university student in Canada receiving the Canada Student Grant (CSG), you are eligible for a 500 USD discount off any of our programs.
  • If you are a college or university student in Hong Kong receiving the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS) or Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students  (FASP), you are eligible for a 500 USD discount off any of our programs.

Please view our financing page for more information on funding your international internship program.

To see if you’re eligible for the Hong Kong Program, please click here.


Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.


No application fee.
Submit application online.
Schedule an interview by phone or skype with our admissions team.
Evaluation of your interview and resume/CV by our admissions team.


If you are accepted into the program, congratulations!
Confirm your place in the program by making a non-refundable deposit of 600 British Pounds.

Half of balance due

50% of your remaining fee is due within 30 days of enrollment. Our money-back guarantee covers you through the entire process.

remaining balance due

You will be asked to pay the remaining balance within 21 days of having your internship role confirmed.

pack your bags

You are ready to start the adventure of a lifetime!