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Independent Traveler Program - Coming soon


Accepting applications from August 2021. Watch the experience.

Interested in the Independent Traveler Program?

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Accelerate your career

Accelerator Program

The Independent Traveler Program takes place year-round and is designed to help you build your career in the global city of your choice.


Build your career in the city of your choice

Our program enables you to get the internship experience you need in an amazing destination.

You will have the opportunity to make meaningful local connections in your in-person internship, while building a strong, global network of talented peers through the online elements of our program.

We designed this program so that you have maximum independence while gaining the maximum career acceleration possible – comprehensively boosting your career experience, skills, knowledge and network.


You are an independent professional 

Independence is key to our Independent Traveler Program; you know the career field and city you want to develop in. We will help you gain the internship experience you need, and enable you to build the career skills, knowledge and network you need – on your own schedule. 

Whether you’re a prospective or current university student, recent graduate or professional looking to upgrade your career, our accelerator program could offer the perfect next step.


Boost your employability

An internship in a top global city, in your chosen career fields, will boost your employability. Having an internship in a leading city on your resume demonstrates to future employers that you will thrive in a challenging environment and have the skills needed to be a valuable asset to their team, such as independence, curiosity, cross-cultural fluency and drive

What's included?

In-person internship
Career advancement training
Keynote speaker series
Global community and network
Alumni success coaching
CV improvement tool
24/7 support
Visa support (if applicable to you)
  1. In-person internship placement

    Make your resume shine

    • Guaranteed online internship in your chosen primary or secondary career field in a role or project which can be executed & supervised online 
    • Network of 3,000+ partner organizations across all fields in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, USA & Canada
    • Digital certificate of completion to display on LinkedIn
    • Remote working support & tutorials
    • Academic credit
    • Learn about this component in full detail.
  2. Career advancement training

    Build the skills to thrive

    • Career advancement training focusing on the 8 key competencies that the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) have identified as essential to succeed in the 21st century
    • Completion badges and certificate to display on LinkedIn
    • Personalized, one-on-one session with a professional career coach
    • DiSC workplace personality and skills assessment
    • Library of professional development materials
    • Leading CV improvement tool
    • Learn about this component in full detail.
  3. Keynote speaker series

    Learn from the best

    • 6 months access to our live keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders from NHS, Barclays, Rolex and more
    • Ask questions in real-time in the Q & A section of every talk
    • On-demand access to the keynote speaker series library
    • Learn about this component in full detail.
  4. Global community and network

    Live locally, network globally

    • Welcome & orientation sessions with The Intern Group and your host organization
    • Dedicated placement specialist, community manager and internship supervisor
    • Talkspace: an app which gives you access to a licensed mental health professional at any time
    • Lifetime membership in TIG’s worldwide 10,000+ alumni network
    • Regular virtual social and cultural events with your global cohort
    • Learn about this component in full detail.

Intern with leading organisations in 20+ global destinations

see sights of Chicago - Coming soon

Chicago - Coming soon

see sights of Costa Rica - Coming Soon

Costa Rica - Coming Soon

see sights of Dubai - Coming Soon

Dubai - Coming Soon

see sights of Edinburgh - Coming soon

Edinburgh - Coming soon

see sights of Germany - Coming Soon

Germany - Coming Soon

see sights of India - Coming Soon

India - Coming Soon

see sights of Israel - Coming Soon

Israel - Coming Soon

see sights of Italy - Coming Soon

Italy - Coming Soon

see sights of Mexico City - Coming soon

Mexico City - Coming soon

see sights of New Zealand - Coming soon

New Zealand - Coming soon

see sights of Paris - Coming Soon

Paris - Coming Soon

see sights of Portugal - Coming Soon

Portugal - Coming Soon

see sights of Prague - Coming Soon

Prague - Coming Soon

see sights of Seoul - Coming Soon

Seoul - Coming Soon

see sights of Singapore - Coming soon

Singapore - Coming soon

see sights of Sydney - Coming soon

Sydney - Coming soon

see sights of Chile - Coming soon

Chile - Coming soon

see sights of Barcelona - Coming soon

Barcelona - Coming soon

see sights of Africa - Coming soon

Africa - Coming soon

see sights of Shanghai - Coming soon

Shanghai - Coming soon

see sights of California - Coming soon

California - Coming soon

Our Independent Traveler Program Fee is $3,190 USD. 

This fee is the same for all destinations and program durations.

We partner with 3,000+ leading organizations across the globe

We are the trusted internship partner of 100+ universities including

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) King's College London (KCL) London School of Economics (LSE), General Course Princeton University Logo