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Independent Traveler Program


Our program enables you to get the internship experience you need in an amazing destination.

You will have the opportunity to make meaningful local connections in your in-person internship, while building a strong, global network of talented peers through the online elements of our program.

We designed this program so that you have maximum independence while gaining the maximum career acceleration possible – comprehensively boosting your career experience, skills, knowledge and network. Intern with leading organizations in amazing global destinations!


Intern with leading organisations in 30+ global destinations

see sights of Chicago


see sights of Costa Rica - Coming Soon

Costa Rica - Coming Soon

see sights of Dubai - Coming Soon

Dubai - Coming Soon

see sights of Edinburgh


see sights of Berlin - Coming Soon

Berlin - Coming Soon

see sights of Mumbai - Coming Soon

Mumbai - Coming Soon

see sights of Tel Aviv - Coming Soon

Tel Aviv - Coming Soon

see sights of Milan


see sights of Mexico City

Mexico City

see sights of Auckland


see sights of Paris


see sights of Lisbon


see sights of Prague - Coming Soon

Prague - Coming Soon

see sights of Seoul


see sights of Singapore - Coming soon

Singapore - Coming soon

see sights of Sydney


see sights of Chile


see sights of Barcelona


see sights of Cape Town - Coming soon

Cape Town - Coming soon

see sights of Shanghai - Coming soon

Shanghai - Coming soon

see sights of California


see sights of Boston


see sights of Washington DC

Washington DC

see sights of Toronto