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Cultural immersion & community in Toronto

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Cultural immersion & community in Toronto

The Canadian Experience

In addition to making professional contacts and friends in Canada, you will also become a member of the Intern Group’s global community. Over 150 different nationalities are represented, and interns have the opportunity to make friends and mentors for life, from every corner of the planet. In a city as multicultural as Toronto, you’ll be sure to meet inspiring and unique people from all backgrounds, each with something different to share with you. The learning opportunities are endless!


Cultural events

see sights of Toronto walking tour

Toronto walking tour

see sights of Toronto harbour cruise

Toronto harbour cruise

see sights of Toronto Aquarium

Toronto Aquarium

see sights of CN Tower

CN Tower

24/7 support

Toronto is an amazing, global city filled with so many things to see and do. Our Toronto team can’t wait to share their city with you, and support you with anything you need while you’re in Canada for your internship. Our full-time team in Toronto will also organize your airport pick-up and drop-off for your internship program.

We understand that moving to a big city can be intimidating, especially if it’s in a different country which is why we give each of our interns access to Talkspace for three months. You can use this app to connect with a licensed therapist through text messages or video calls at the click of a button.


Toronto is a city well connected by buses, subways and streetcars. The Intern Group will provide each intern with a pre-loaded  transportation card for one month on the TTC.