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Internship in Japan

Cultural immersion & community in Tokyo

The Tokyo Experience

When you’re living and interning in a new country, immersed in a new culture and language, the presence of a strong support network is vital to your experience. The community that international interns become a part of when they undertake an internship in Tokyo is made up of diverse and talented individuals from around the world. The Intern Group’s participants come from over 150 countries, and every single intern has something unique and valuable to share. As an intern in Tokyo, you’ll have the chance to make professional connections with both local Japanese professionals and international experts. Of course, living and commuting with other interns means you’ll also have a built-in group of friends with whom to explore all that Tokyo has to offer!

Cultural events

In addition to an internship in your career field, our internship in Japan program provides an entire professional, cultural and social experience.

see sights of Mt Fuji day trip

Mt Fuji day trip

see sights of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

see sights of Sushi workshop

Sushi workshop

see sights of Japanese food tour

Japanese food tour

24/7 Support

Our team is there to support you from start to finish. They will organize your airport pick-up when you arrive in Tokyo as well as your airport transfer at the end of your internship. For those who will arrive at Narita airport, we will provide a single airport pick up, for the departure we will provide express ticket to Narita.

We also partner with Talkspace to provide all our participants with fully anonymous access to a licensed online therapist for up to 3 months. This ensures you’ll always have someone to talk to when adjusting to life at your internship in Japan.

Language study

The Intern Group partners with a leading Japanese language school in Tokyo. What better way to learn Japanese than doing it in Japan itself? This Japanese school focuses on laying a solid foundation on the pronunciation and tones, and there are a number of courses catering to elementary learners and advanced Japanese speaking professionals. 

Part Time Course

The part-time course is designed for busy students who want to create a customized study schedule. Students are able to sign up for a combination of classes that match their level and interest, and class schedules are flexible. 

Length: 50 minutes/lesson

Class Size: Small group 

Fee (incl. registration fee+textbook):

16 Lessons – ¥52,100 (valid for 6 months)

32 Lessons – ¥88,900 (valid for 8 months)

48 Lessons – ¥122,500 (valid for 12 months) 

96 lessons – ¥223,300 (valid for 14 months)


Private Lessons 

Tailored to your level, this lesson focuses on a series of 5-minute oral-training segments that will build up your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, while increasing your speaking and listening skills. Complete with set lesson plans, homework and tests. Private lessons are perfect for students who wish to study at their own pace, or are unable to come to classes on a regular basis.

Length: 50 minutes/lesson

Class Size: Private lesson – one on one

Fee (incl. registration fee+textbook) : 

8 Lessons – ¥52,600 (valid 3 months) 

16 Lessons – ¥88,600 (valid 6 months) 

32 Lessons – ¥158,200 (valid 8 months) 

48 Lessons – ¥223,000 (valid 12 months)

Special Private Lessons

Specialized lessons are available for those who want original lesson plans not based on commercials textbooks. This is suitable for cases like: job interviews, fact to face guidance, essay correction, etc.

Length: 50 mins/lesson

Class Size: Small group

Fee(incl. Registration fee+textbook):

 8 Lessons – ¥58,500 (valid 3 months)

16 Lessons – ¥102,500 (valid 6 months)

32 Lessons – ¥184,900 (valid 8 months)

48Lessons – ¥268,900  (valid 12 months)


Private Group Lessons

Semi-private lessons for two or more people with flexible schedule. You can study with your friends or family members. 

Length: 50 mins/lesson

Class size: 2 or more (friends + family)

Fee (incl. Registration fee+textbook):

 8 Lessons-  ¥38,500 (valid 3 months)

16 Lessons-  ¥62,500 (valid 6 months)

32 Lessons-  ¥108,100 (valid 8 months)

48 Lessons-  ¥148,900 (valid 12 months)