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Internships in Australia

Cultural immersion & community in Melbourne

The Australian Experience

When you’re living abroad in a new country, the community you surround yourself with is everything. Having both a support network as well as friends with whom to explore Australia is one of the main benefits to interning abroad rather than traveling alone.  The Intern Group’s global community is frequently one of the most impactful elements of an intern’s time abroad. With over 150 nationalities represented, it is just as diverse as Melbourne itself! The friends and contacts you meet in Australia will last for a lifetime, and your shared experiences abroad often make them stronger than those you make back home. Of course, Melbourne is a notoriously welcoming city and is one of Australia’s top destinations for university students, making it easy to meet people.

Cultural events

In addition to an internship in your career field, our internships in Melbourne program provides an entire professional and social experience.

see sights of Australia vineyard tour

Australia vineyard tour

see sights of Eureka Tower tour

Eureka Tower tour

see sights of Local sporting event

Local sporting event

see sights of Wildlife experience

Wildlife experience

24/7 support

Our team in Melbourne, Australia is there to help support you in any way you need. From giving you recommendations on the most beautiful beaches outside of the city, to being there to offer you guidance with your relationships in the office, you can count on our team in Melbourne. They’ll also organize airport pick-up and drop-off for your internship program.

We understand that going to a different country can be a big step, which is why we also provide all of our interns with a three month subscription to Talkspace, an online platform that connects you to a licensed therapist.