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Internships in California

Internships in California for US Applicants

An internship in Los Angles is the perfect way to launch a competitive career, and secure your professional future. Young professionals who are accepted to The Intern Group’s prestigious California program are matched with an organization that fits their interests, skills and career goals. They complete a hands-on internship and develop real-world skills that will set you a step ahead of the competition when the time comes to apply for jobs.

As the most diverse state in the country and home to many of America’s top industries, California is a perfect destination for those looking to gain international experience without leaving the country. Californians hail from every corner of the globe and speak over 200 languages (more than half of the state’s residents speak two or more languages.) Of course, the Golden State also hosts over 100,000 international students every year, who come to study and intern at California’s world-class universities and companies. Los Angeles, where those accepted to the California program live and intern, boasts several of the world’s top universities, including UCLA and CalTech. The presence of these institutions draws not only students but researchers, public speakers and thought leaders to the region.

Making Connections

By interning in Los Angeles, you’re becoming a part of one of the largest, most diverse economies in the world. The city is a global business epicenter, and is therefore the perfect place for a young professional to start making connections. Building up a network in California means having professional contacts in a wide variety of places and industries. Many multinational corporations and nonprofits have offices in LA, and of course, top American companies call the city their home.

As an intern, starting the networking process is easy. From your fellow interns from around the globe, to international students living nearby, to your colleagues and managers, the possibilities are endless. Each person you meet could be a valuable connection that helps you get a future career opportunity.

What's included?

In-person internship placement
Network of international contacts
Professional Development Workshops & Tools
24/7 Online Support & Community
Visa support (if applicable)
Keynote Speaker Series
Emergency Response Support