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Internships in Chicago


We’re no longer offering internships in Chicago, but we think an internship in New York would be a great opportunity for you!

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Our internships in Chicago offer comprehensive professional development for both US and global candidates. We are proud to partner with a range of leading companies and organizations in Chicago.

We offer internships in Chicago in Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting, IT & Computer Science and PR & Marketing. Our internships in Chicago offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the most important cities in the US, and the world, all while making important global connections and boosting their resume and future career. The opportunities are limitless in the Windy City.

Our internships in Chicago will set you apart in competitive job markets around the world. Successful candidates will develop professionally and personally, learning from industry professionals in leading internships. Chicago is the perfect location for ambitious, young professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

For those seeking life-changing internships, Chicago is the perfect place. Chicago is an international hub for business. Because of this, our internships in Chicago give applicants the chance to gain vital work experience and industry exposure on a global level.

Whether you’re a college student looking for summer internships in Chicago or a graduate seeking an internship to launch your career we offer a range of opportunities suited to your needs to help you realize your potential. Our internships in Chicago are available year-round, ranging from eight weeks to six months.

Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our Chicago internships program is selective.

What's included?

In-person internship placement
Network of international contacts
Professional Development Workshops & Tools
24/7 Online Support & Community
Visa support (if applicable)
Keynote Speaker Series
Career advancement training
Emergency Response Support

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Why intern in Chicago?

Chicago is the ultimate depiction of the best of both worlds. It’s bursting at the seams with world-famous skyscrapers, financial exchanges and corporate giants, but is draped alongside the beautiful backdrop of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. It’s a powerful player on the global stage in commerce and finance, but its streets are overflowing with friendly, Midwestern locals. Nicknamed the capital of the Midwest, Chicago is where the bustle of the big city meets the charm and sociability of small town living.

There is no better place for your internship. Chicago is influential in commerce, finance, engineering, publishing and much more not only in the US but all over the world. No matter your interests, the opportunities in Chicago are endless. Home to the headquarters of multiple Fortune 500 companies and stock exchanges, Chicago confirms its importance as a global leader in commerce and finance. For those looking to boost their business or finance careers with leading internships, Chicago is a strategic choice. If you are creatively inclined, Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace will be sure to inspire you. Chicago’s cosmopolitan cultural scene will motivate you to go above and beyond. There is truly something for everyone in Chicago.

An open-air gallery of astonishing architecture and outdoor sculptures, Chicago’s Loop is home to everything from the world’s first highrises to some of today’s tallest towers and works by Picasso. Get a closer look at the architectural delights from the top of the Willis Tower, look out over Lake Michigan and quickly discover why Chicago is known as the Windy City. Discover more about these creative constructions in one of Chicago’s many world-renowned museums.

If museums aren’t your thing, head over to Wrigley Field, home of the beloved Cubs, and catch a game. If you find yourself needing to escape the hustle and bustle, make your way over to Millennium Park, check out Cloud Gate, commonly known as “the Bean”, and relax in one of the world’s most futuristic parks. Grab a slice of deep-dish pizza, Chicago’s delicacy and soak in the sights.

From Magnificent Mile to the beautiful beaches, the staggering skyline to Navy Pier, Chicago exudes global importance and embraces natural beauty. The city meets in the middle as a multicultural, Midwestern metropolis.

Life as an intern in Chicago

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