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Internships in Colombia


Internships in Colombia. Watch the experience in 90 seconds.

Driven young professionals eager to make their resume stand out in an emerging market should look no further than Medellin for an international internship. Colombia is leading the pack in innovation, technology, and business, making it an obvious choice for an intern. Colombia is ripe with natural resources and with the second largest population in South America, leading investment banks such as JP Morgan have labeled Colombia “the next star of the continent.”

Experience in an emerging economy will give you valuable first-hand knowledge, appreciated greatly by future employers. Having partnered with the Colombian government and a range of Latin American blue chip companies, we offer leading international internship opportunities for the most talented and ambitious. Colombia is a hub for entrepreneurship, government, engineering, business and finance. 

Our internships in Colombia range from six weeks to six months, with start dates year-round. Interning in Colombia offers applicants a unique opportunity to gain vital professional experience in an exciting organization, develop extensive networks and connections, improve Spanish language skills, and experience an emerging economy in rapid development.

Medellin has so much to offer a young professional really looking to dive in and gain hands-on experience in their field during an international internship. Colombia is where you will realize your potential. Due to the exclusivity of our partner companies, it must be noted that our program is selective.

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What's included?

Professional internship
24/7 support
Airport pick-up
Visa assistance
Cultural & social events
Career Advancement Training
Network of international contacts
Keynote Speaker Series
Professional development materials
Alumni success coaching
CV improvement tool

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Life as an intern in Colombia

Why intern in Colombia?

Set in a stunning valley, surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, Medellin is the vibrant base for our internships in Colombia. Known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and is home to many of Latin America’s largest companies and international startups, making it the perfect place for an internship. Colombia’s great potential is finally being realized; the economy is booming and the world’s press is taking notice. Foreign investment is flooding into the country.

Paisas, or people from Medellin, will make you feel at home with their friendly hospitality. Medellin is renowned for its civic pride and the city is exceptionally well taken care of by the people who reside there.  Culture and nightlife combine to make this a standout destination for an internship. The weather is the icing on the cake: Medellin has an outstanding, humidity-free climate with an average temperature of 25 degrees celsius or 75 degrees fahrenheit, all year round.

People from all over the world are also putting Colombia at the top of their travel bucket lists. Explore Colombia’s cerulean Carribean beaches at Isla Rosario and Isla Barú, in the north. Take a long weekend trip to the coffee triangle, and hike amongst the world’s tallest palm trees in Valle de Cocora. Adventure through untouched forests in the Amazon, home to the world’s greatest biodiversity. Cities like Medellin, Bogota and Cartagena are filled with art, music, history and culture, making you fall more in love with Colombia as you learn about how far the country has come since its past. 

Colombia has so much to offer an international intern. It’s the perfect place to experience a new culture while enhancing your resume with essential skills and experience needed to make you stand out in your career field. No matter where you go after Colombia, your experiences here will forever be a talking point for you in your future interviews.