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Internships in New Zealand

Keynote speaker series

Learn from the best

Our internship program includes 12 months access to our interactive keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders. 

Our accomplished keynote speakers are well-known for their extensive expertise and success across different career fields. These live online talks take place every two weeks and give you the chance to learn what it really takes to make it. You have the opportunity to ask live questions in the Q & A section of every talk.

There is a reason Fortune 500 companies invest large sums of money for an in-person, keynote address from a global business leader to their staff: their insights are, quite simply, first-class. Our internship program allows you to access these career insights, live and online, and ask the burning questions you have.

A small sample of our keynote speakers

“I’ve taken away some invaluable knowledge from the keynote speaker series and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion topics! It was a brilliant way to interact with the other interns as well as the keynote speakers themselves. It’s a very unique experience and the lineup of speakers is amazing. I felt so fortunate to be able to hear from and interact with so many accomplished individuals, and I’ve certainly taken away some figurative gold nuggets from each talk, that I’ll be sure to use in the future.” – Hashikka Luxman, Intern

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“The top 10 pieces of career advice I wish someone had given me when I was 21”Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Diaz-Ortiz is a best-selling author, influencer & investor. She was named one of top 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company and “A Force For Good” by Forbes.

Remote working

“My top 10 tips to succeed as a remote worker” –Amir Salihefendic

Salihefendic is the CEO and founder of Doist, the company that built Todoist (one of the world’s most popular productivity apps). He believes remote-first working could be a paradigm shift similar to the industrialization age, as it will be the first time in human history that people can get great jobs regardless of where they live.

Amir s

Human Resources 

“Planning for the Unplannable: How to build a career for an ever-changing world”Sue Liburd

Multi award-winning businesswoman, Liburd has 25 years of experience in behavioural change, human resource management and people development. She has worked internationally with multisite corporations across a diverse range of industry sectors
sue libard headshot

PR & Marketing

“Lessons from a life in communications & marketing” – Nick Jellicoe

Jellicoe was the global head of communications at Rolex for 10 years. A well known figure in the luxury goods industry, prior to Rolex he was in the senior marketing team at Bulgari.

NGOs/Non-Profits & Journalism

“Changing hearts – changing minds: the thrill and the uncertainty of a career in a social justice NGO” – Zrinka Bralo

CEO of Migrants Organise, Bralo is a refugee from Sarajevo, where she worked as a journalist during the conflict in the 90s. She has written for The Guardian, OpenDemocracy and The Huffington Post.


“My startup story – from living in my car & showering at the gym to receiving Goldman Sach’s largest ever investment in a private Brazilian company: CargoX”Federico Vega

Vega is one of the highest-profile entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Government & Politics

“Separating the sense from the nonsense about work/life balance” – Lord Stevenson

British businessman & politician. Stevenson sits on the cross benches in the House of Lords.

Television & Media

“The best and the worst of working in television media. My 5 tips on how to succeed in this rapidly-changing industry” – Flo Phillips

Phillips has been a senior reporter & producer for Al Jazeera for 10+ years. Prior to Al Jazeera she was at Bloomberg News.

Finance (Venture Capital)

“The life of a venture capitalist” – Nathan Lustig

Lustig is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He’s been featured in the New York Times, The Economist, TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, BBC and many others.

Nathan Lustig

Travel & Tourism 

“Using travel to change the world” – Karsten Horne

Horne is the CEO of Reho Travel, the only travel management company in the world that has a BCorp certification.

Headshot of Karsten Horne


“The Myth of IQ – why IQ is not all it is cracked up to be” – Mark Oliver

Oliver has over 30 years of experience working with senior executives and facilitated both “train-the-trainer” advanced leadership courses, as well as competency programs and assessment courses for global companies.

Mark Oliver headshot