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New York Internships

Internships in New York for US applicants

If you’re looking for an experience that will secure your professional future in a competitive city, look no further. Interning in New York City provides a truly global experience, and a chance to be immersed in one of the world’s most prominent and international business hubs. No matter your field of study or interest, New York is home to some of the top professionals and organizations in your field. Applicants who are accepted to our domestic internship program in New York are paired with a top-tier organization to complete a hands-on internship in their field. Placements are determined on an individual basis, based on interest, academic background, existing skills and career aspirations.

New York is known as a hub for startups and multinational corporations alike. Many of the world’s largest organizations and financial institutions call Manhattan home. However, New York’s incredible diversity is reflected in its successful industries. Theater, fashion, art and music industries thrive in the Big Apple, and the city is also home to the United Nations, making it a key city for international relations and diplomacy. Regardless of your field of interest, New York is a strategic place to take steps towards your dream career.

Interns dressed in business casual smile for a group photo in New York

New York is one of the world’s most international and multicultural cities, making it the perfect place to begin building a professional network. Over 800 languages are spoken in NYC, and New Yorkers hail from every corner of the planet. If you’re looking for a global experience while staying in the U.S., New York is truly one of the best destinations available. Those who spend time in New York come away with a more globalized perspective of their field, and a stronger understanding of international ties within specific industries. Because New York is one of the top cities for international trade and cooperation, an international setting for your internship is inevitable.

For those looking to apply for full-time positions or who are hoping to be accepted to top graduate schools, the experience of interning in New York is one that stands out.

In addition to building connections, finding mentorship and learning about their field, interns also develop a broader sense of other cultures. As the number of young professionals coming to the United States to study and intern increases, the options for cross-cultural exchanges are becoming more prevalent and more important. In today’s globalized professional setting, perspective and experience are everything.

What's included?

Professional internship
Career training
CV review & interview preparation
Personalized career coaching session
Network of international contacts

(if needed)

Social & cultural events
24/7 support