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Internships in Shanghai

Internships in Shanghai for Chinese Applicants

A professional internship in Shanghai is the perfect way to secure your professional future and ensure you have the skills and connections required to succeed in a competitive job market. Participants in our domestic internship program in China are matched with a top-tier organization based on their skills, academic background, interests and long-term career goals. Participants develop real-world skills and valuable contacts through hands-on experience, and have the support of  local and global career experts.

For Chinese professionals and students looking to gain experience in their own country, Shanghai is an ideal destination. As the country’s largest city, Shanghai is a global hub for international business and finance, making it the perfect place to gain global exposure to your industry, even without leaving your home country. As a major destination for foreign direct investment and one of the world’s busiest container ports, there are few other Chinese cities that can rival Shanghai’s expansive opportunities for young professionals. No matter where in the world you’ve lived or studied, the chance to intern in this impressive city is unlike any other.


When it comes to interning in Shanghai, there’s no need to leave your home country to gain boundless international exposure. Shanghai is a top destination for international students, interns and professionals from other parts of the globe, making it the perfect place to begin building your international network.

Whether you’re looking to develop expertise in international trade, global financial markets or Chinese trade policy, doing an internship in Shanghai is the perfect way to compliment your studies (at home or abroad) and set you up for success in the Chinese business world.

Global Connections

Shanghai is home to many of China’s top companies and organizations, including the world’s largest e-retailer Alibaba, and smartphone producer Xiaomi. China’s top companies have an incredibly global reach, and their presence is felt around the country and the world. Of course, Shanghai also houses regional headquarters for hundreds of the world’s most prestigious international businesses as well. 

No matter where in the world you hope to work in the future, a network of international contacts is one of the most important resources to develop early in your career. The mentorship, community and support system you’ll develop as an intern in Shanghai are some you’ll carry forward with you into your full-time roles.


What's included?

Professional internship
Career training
CV review & interview preparation
Personalized career coaching session
Network of international contacts

(if needed)

Social & cultural events
24/7 support