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Internships in Shanghai

In-person internships in Shanghai

Internship placement

If you are accepted into our Independent Traveler internship program, you will be allocated a dedicated Intern Group placement expert who will work one-one-one with you to find the right internship match in your chosen career field, based on your experiences, goals and motivations.

We partner with over 3,000 host organizations from around the globe so have an extensive range of exciting opportunities across all career fields.

In your Independent Traveler internship program, you will then have a dedicated internship supervisor from the host organization you are matched with. They will introduce you to their organization, providing you with a welcome orientation. They will guide you, offer support and supervise your progress throughout your internship. You will receive holistic feedback on your progress at both the mid-point and end-point of your internship.


Our internships in Shanghai span all career fields, from business and law to social work and science.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? These are just a few of the opportunities we offer. Apply today to speak with an Admissions Officer and find out what’s available in your field.