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Internships in Shanghai

Global community and network

Live locally, network globally

Interns have the opportunity to connect with The Intern Group’s global network. Our community is made up of people from all backgrounds, countries and cultures – over 150 nationalities are represented. The connections you make while interning, both professional and personal, will stay with you for the rest of your life. From your fellow virtual interns to your manager or mentor, everyone you meet will be a valuable contact. You’ll be interning with the most passionate and talented people from around the world, and learning from the top professionals in your field.

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Networking Opportunities

  1. Connect with your virtual cohort from all over the world

    You will have the opportunity to connect with interns from around the globe through a range of networking channels. Our networking Slack channel enables you to connect on a daily basis with different interns from around the globe. You can grow your professional and personal network, share your LinkedIn handle as well as your career interests. You will also be part of The Intern Group’s culture channel, where interns share customs, traditions, local food -you name it- from around the world, enabling that intercultural exchange.

  2. Be part of a peer learning group for your Career Advancement Training

    Our Career Advancement Training offers you 12 months access to our exciting digital platform, with handpicked training to help you to develop each of the 8 key competencies that NACE have identified as being essential to succeed in the 21st century. We will connect you with a peer learning group so that you can share your experiences with your peers and crystalize what you’ve learned, so that you can put it into practice in your internship and in the future.

  3. Attend our Keynote Speaker Breakout Sessions

    Our internship program includes 6 months access to our interactive keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders. These live online talks take place every two weeks and give you the chance to learn from the best. You have the opportunity to ask live questions in the Q & A section of every talk and to network with global leaders and other interns from around the globe in the breakout rooms, designed to spark conversations.

  4. Develop your professional network at your internship

    Internships provide an essential platform for networking. Placements allow professionals to build a broader, more diverse portfolio of connections, as interns aren’t limited by international borders. The connections built during these placements are some of the most valuable takeaways. Interns work closely alongside experts in their field, developing valuable references and connections in the industry.

  5. Take part in virtual community social and cultural events

    Get together virtually with your cohort, get to know each other and build your global network. There is an abundance of virtual cultural events that interns can take part in, such as Virtual Trivia Nights and Networking Events, where interns can interact with participants outside their internship.

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24/7 support

Our community team is there to help support you in any way you need throughout your internship. Should you require additional support throughout your time on the program, each of our interns also benefits from a three month subscription to Talkspace. This app allows you to connect with a licensed therapist through text messages or video calls at the click of a button.

Hear what our virtual program alumni say

‘There was a great sense of community, we could communicate daily through various apps, like Slack. We were able to either message each other or meet through zoom!’

Edlynne Harrell-Sanchez, International Resources Research Intern 


‘I got to build connections and network with others on the program from different parts of the world, from North America to South America.’

Deb Datta, Investment Banking Analyst Intern


‘So there is a general group where we’re able to discuss and introduce ourselves. You could share music or a cool book that you found and connect with others. There are also “donut bots”. These set you up with somebody in the program at that current time, and you could chat with them, get to know them, just sit down and have a coffee, and discuss where you’re from in the world and what internship you’re doing.’ So you’re still able to get those amazing international connections.’

Sarah Swendseid, Web Design Intern 

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