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Remote Internship Program

Career advancement training

Build the skills for your future career

Participants benefit from professional development before their program begins and after it finishes. The tools included in your program enable you to successfully prepare for your internship before you start, make the most of your experience while you’re there, and then successfully sell your experience in interviews to future employers.



  1. DDI International Workplace Assessment

    We partner with one of the world’s leading HR organizations (DDI International) to provide all of our participants with a “DiSC” workplace personality and skills assessment. This tool is usually exclusive to CEOs and corporate leaders. Key features include:

    • Evaluating how you interact with others in the workplace
    • Better understanding the relationships that you create at the workplace
    • Tips on how to effectively manage your colleagues’ impressions of you
    • Advice on how to build stronger relationships at the workplace
  2. CV Improvement Tool

    Learn how to effectively communicate your achievements and skills to future employers, stand out from the crowd, and land your dream job.

    Get actionable insights on:

    • The secrets of structure: why what you leave out is more important than what you include
    • The words that win: your use of language could be scoring you extra points with employers
    • How to make results sound real: it’s important to make your skills impressive, without going too far, and there is a simple way to make employers believe you can do the job
    • How to get interviews: feel good about your application and make hiring managers want to meet you
  3. Training materials

    In collaboration with HR experts, we have developed a library of professional training materials on a number of key topics essential to your development and growth. These materials are carefully designed to complement your international internship and to help you excel in a global job market. They include:

    • Adapting to an international office environment
    • Interview techniques
    • Making a lasting impression in the workplace
    • Building your personal brand
    • Resolving difficult situations
    • Leveraging your internship into a successful career


girl working on an online learning platform

Our Career Advancement Training offers you 12-month access to our exciting digital platform, with handpicked training to help you to develop each of the 8 key competencies that NACE have identified as being essential to succeed in the 21st century.

We will connect you with a peer learning group to allow you to share your experiences with your peers and crystalize what you’ve learned, so that you can put it into practice.

Each of the 8 competencies listed below give a high level overview of the learning objectives of the Career Advancement Training, which are delivered through a combination of videos, podcasts, articles, quizzes and projects. Once successfully completed, you will earn badges and a certificate that can be displayed on LinkedIn.

  1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    Learn several methods for how to identify the route of a problem as well as how to generate solutions using mind maps and decisions trees. Learn how to use your creativity to come up with more insightful options and, using a combination of logic and intuition, to select the best one.

  2. Oral/Written Communications

    Learn how to identify your key transferable skills and then how to articulate them in a compelling story that can be either written or spoken to both tell and sell your international internship story to potential employers.

  3. Teamwork/Collaboration

    Learn how best to communicate in a team setting whether working in person or remotely. Learn about various online tools like Slack, Drive and Zoom, etc. that enable greater team collaboration. Learn to read people through body language as well as how to resolve and even prevent conflicts.

  4. Digital Technology

    Learn the basics of digital transformation and why it is crucial in every career. Understand some of the most influential digital tools and how they are applied in the work place across a wide range of industries.

  5. Leadership

    Learn how to lead with emotional intelligence. Learn how to boost your emotional quotient (EQ) in order to become more self aware and how that helps you to understand your impact when leading a team.

  6. Professionalism/Work Ethic

    Learn why resilience is a key skill to be successful in any career and how you can build it. Learn how to thrive in adversity and make the most of any option B.

  7. Career Management

    Learn how to create a career development plan, encompassing your career goals, skills and knowledge development for your desired future job, and how to make the most of your strengths, talents, and experience.

  8. Global/Intercultural Fluency

    Learn how to develop the skills to understand cross-cultural differences and to collaborate effectively with people you perceive as different from yourself.