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Remote Internship Program

Remote internship program FAQs


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If I am accepted into the program, am I guaranteed a virtual internship?


The Intern Group placement guarantee is straightforward: if you are not placed in a virtual internship within your primary or secondary career field we will refund you in full.


When is the deadline to apply for the virtual internship program?

You must apply for our virtual internship program at least 2 months before your desired start date. Applicants are accepted into our programs on a rolling basis & we offer programs starting every month of the year.


What type of things will I be doing in my virtual internship?

Meaningful, collaborative, project-based work with clear guidelines is the theme within high-quality virtual internships. To ensure project guidelines are defined clearly, that you are making progress and that your projects are on track, you will have regularly scheduled one-on-one catch-up calls with your internship supervisor in the host organization. This will complement the regular, asynchronous communication through which remote work flourishes using channels such as slack.


Can I receive academic credit for a virtual internship through The Intern Group?

Our School of Record, Florida A&M University, an accredited public university located in the USA, awards equal academic credit for The Intern Group’s in-person and virtual internships.

Whether you can receive academic credit for a virtual internship depends on your individual academic situation. Please carefully read through our page on academic credit here. The content on our page on academic credit applies to both in-person and virtual internships through The Intern Group.


Are the virtual internships paid?

Compensation is offered at the discretion of the host organization/company. The vast majority are unpaid. We principally source opportunities that offer the best possible educational experience and this does not correlate with payment. If, however, a host organization offers a stipend/compensation, program participants are of course welcome to accept it.


Can I start off interning part-time and switch to full-time later?

The majority of our host organizations are flexible and open to changes, as long as you are responsible and respectful of their projects. If you know in advance that your timetable is likely to change during your program, let us know and we’ll make sure to match you with a flexible host organization.


Will I require a visa to intern remotely?

You will not require a visa to complete a remote internship.


Is there a minimum/maximum age requirement for the virtual internship program?

The minimum age is 16+. There is no maximum age & we regularly welcome experienced career changers.