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Since our organization was founded in 2011, we have had over 20,000 applications annually. We boast a diverse cross section of participants, with candidates coming from over 100 countries, speaking over 40 languages and attending over 500 universities worldwide. We have forged long lasting partnerships with world-class international companies and organizations in which we place our interns. Similarly, we have partnerships with universities all over the world from which we source world-class interns.

To partner with us, please contact:

Mike Nieto
Head of Global Partnerships

UK: +44 (0)20 7193 4188
US: +1 (718) 878-6393
AUS: +61 (0)2 8011 3305

The Intern Group’s International Internship Program Includes:

  • Professional internship
  • Accommodation
  • Professional and cultural development tools
  • Social, cultural and networking events
  • Airport pick-up
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from local team
  • Local transport (use of the country’s metro, buses and trains – depending on destination)
  • Written pre-departure welcome pack
  • Welcome orientation with our local staff
  • An active international community of interns
  • Regular social and cultural events and activities organized
  • Visa assistance (where required)
  • Academic credit assistance (where required)


Your Student’s Career Development

At The Intern Group we pride ourselves on the professional development tools we offer to all interns on our program. Our career development program includes: a personalized introductory career coaching Skype interview for each participant; a written pre-departure welcome pack; access to a workplace personality and skills assessment (DISC); intercultural competence training video series; and professional expert training materials. All participants will also benefit from professional development workshops and networking events throughout their program. Post-program, all of our participants are invited to become members of our alumni network, whereby they can keep in touch, share advice and network amongst themselves.

Our alumni are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd when applying for post-graduation employment given the training and activities that they have completed with us. As well as gaining hands-on experience from the internship, our programs also include: a professional development workshop; an industry-leading workplace performance assessment; and expert training materials on key topics. These tools ensure that participants get the most out of their experience. Additionally, the internship can be used to gain academic credit. We work with universities worldwide to help their students receive academic credit if it is required for their studies.

Reasons to Partner with Us

We currently boast programs that we feel perfectly balance professional development and full cultural immersion. However, we are able to put together tailor-made university programs to suit your students’ needs or add elements that you consider invaluable to our existing ones.

  • Strong connections with world-class organizations in all industry sectors
  • Established partnerships with universities across five continents
  • Constant company evaluations to ensure we partner with top organizations
  • Collaborative approach to guide your students from your doorstep to ours
  • 24/7 support from our local staff (teams are all up on local knowledge)
  • Thousands of alumni and counting
  • 9 locations on 5 continents
  • Rolling application system with start dates every month

Let’s chat face-to-face.

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Our numerous years of experience have allowed us to forge strong relationships with several universities on different continents including:

  • Northeastern University, USA

    Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees through the doctorate in nine colleges and schools. About 90 percent of Northeastern undergraduates complete at least one professional co-op during their college career. Since 2006 their students have been to 131 countries including all 7 continents and the university currently has collaborations with more than 3,000 employers abroad.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

    LSE was founded in 1895 and has since firmly established itself as one of the world’s leading universities for social sciences with nearly 10,000 full-time students from over 150 countries. LSE prides itself as a highly-international university which aims to address global challenges through providing superior academic education and a vast array of subject areas.

  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

    Singapore’s flagship university, which offers a global approach to education and research with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. Over 37,000 students from 100 countries further enrich the community with their diverse social and cultural perspectives helping NUS to rank 26 in the world. (Times Higher Education, 2013).

  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

    UCSC is a prestigious comprehensive research and teaching university, recently ranked number 11 across Italy’s 90 universities. With over 42,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff, Cattolica offers some of the most exciting and challenging academic programs and disciplines.

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a dynamic, international research university, in relentless pursuit of excellence, leading the advance of science, technology, business and humanities, and educating the new generation of front runners for the world. Since its official opening in 1991 HKUST has established itself as an intellectual powerhouse, energizing the community’s transformation into a knowledge based society.

  • University of Newcastle, Australia

    Built on the principles of equity, excellence and engagement, The University of Newcastle has a reputation as a world class institution making an impact within its own region, throughout Australia and across the globe. The university’s research is world class and diverse, and in spite of the university’s short history, it is ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide.

  • University of New South Wales, Australia

    The University of New South Wales is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching universities. The university prides itself on their broad range of high quality teaching programs. In developing new ideas and promoting lasting knowledge the university has created an academic environment where outstanding students and scholars from around the world can be inspired to excel in their programs of study and research.

  • University of Essex, UK

    Established 50 years ago, the University of Essex has gained a global reputation for pioneering research which helps change lives. Ranked in the top 20 UK universities for research excellence, and consistently top for politics, we are an international community for original thinkers. Rated second in the UK for student satisfaction, we provide a research-led education which equips our students with the curiosity and capability for personal and professional success.

  • La Trobe University, Australia

    La Trobe University is consistently ranked among Australia’s premier universities. Established in 1964, La Trobe’s Melbourne Campus is one of the largest cosmopolitan university campuses in the region. The University offers hundreds of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs, encompassing traditional, professional, vocational and clinical fields of study. All programs reflect La Trobe’s commitment to quality assurance and excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Taylor’s University, Kuala Lumpur

    Since its inception in 1969, Taylor’s University has gained significant recognition as a leading private education institution. The university’s mandate for academic excellence is driven by a need to make a difference. They believe that universities function as a leveler of society, a foundation builder in the ethos of lifelong learning communities by creating productive citizens through the advancement of knowledge.

  • The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS)

    NSHSS is advancing the aspirations of high-achieving students through unique learning experiences, scholarships, internships, international study and peer networks. At each step along the way – from high school to college to career – NSHSS connects outstanding young scholars with the resources they need to develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Founded in 2002 by James W. Lewis and Claes Nobel, senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes, NSHSS nurtures the continuing success of high school and college students who have distinguished themselves through academic accomplishment, leadership and community involvement.

  • Universidad de Mendoza, Argentina

    Universidad de Mendoza (UM) is a private higher education institution that is led by a High Council made up by faculty members. UM has been strongly committed to academic quality, scientific research and community service since 1960. Furthermore, it is recognized as a public non-profit organization by the National Secretariat of Social Promotion. Located in the heart of the city of Mendoza, this university is considered to be the oldest and largest private university in the Cuyo Region.

  • INSPER: Institute of Education and Research, Brazil

    Insper (Institute of Education and Research) is a Brazilian nonprofit institution dedicated to teaching and research in the fields of business, economics and law. It offers educational programs covering the entire lifecycle of a career: Graduation, Certificates, Executive MBA, Professional Master, LL.M. Master of Law and Education for Executives.

  • Golden Key

    Golden Key International Honor Society is an academic honor society that recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence among college and university students from all academic disciplines.  Golden Key has emerged as one of the most dynamic, forward-thinking organizations in higher education.  Committed to an ethos of recognizing academic achievement and encouraging altruistic service, the Society’s on-campus presence has reached over 400 chapters at college and universities worldwide.

  • Mu Kappa Tau

    Mu Kappa Tau (MKT) is a national collegiate honor society for marketing students and educators that was founded in 1966 by members of Pi Sigma Epsilon (the national professional sales and marketing fraternity). Mu Kappa Tau exists to recognize academic excellence and to encourage individuals seeking a life-long commitment to an exceptional standard of ethics and achievement within the marketing discipline. Today, MKT remains the only national marketing honor society that is accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) and offers its members both national recognition and campus chapter affiliation.

Health and Safety

Here at The Intern Group, our interns’ health and well-being are our top priorities. As an organization that promotes international experiences, we understand that while it is exciting for interns to move to a new city, it is also essential for them to be aware of the various cultural differences they may face. We try to prepare our interns as much as possible for these cultural differences by providing them with a welcome pack at the start of their program and 24/7 support from our local staff.

Safety Abroad

We recognize the importance of students making informed decisions about overseas travel. We regularly monitor safety and security in each program location and advise students and their universities of any risks that would potentially affect them. The information we act upon is based on the recommendations from the U.S. Department of State’s travel warnings, UK Government, local law enforcement in our overseas destinations, NAFSA and the World Health Organization.

Safety Tips

Emergency communication: We insist that each intern has an emergency contact listed on their application whom we can notify in case of emergencies.

Key local contacts: It is equally as important that each intern keeps their contact information updated and has the on-site program coordinator’s contact information.

Keeping in touch with home: We encourage our participants to stay in touch with their families and universities so as to keep them updated on their welfare.

Copies of travel documents: We advise that participants make a copy of their passport and carry it with them while leaving their hard copy in a safe place in their accommodations. Interns should also keep travel and medical insurance information with them.

Be smart: Interns are given extensive pre-departure information about their host city and safety procedures. However it is up to each individual to make smart choices like learning local laws and customs, telling others where they are going, avoiding walking alone at night, and keeping valuable items in safe places.

Standards of Behavior

The Intern Group has set standards regarding acceptable behavior that are made clear to participants early on. These are firmly reiterated during the welcome orientation and can be found in our terms and conditions, which all participants are required to sign.

Useful travel information

We encourage students to bookmark travel sites with useful information as well as regular travel updates on their destination of choice, like the following:

Are the internships paid?
What is included in the program fees?
What is not included in the program fees?
What will the accommodations be like?
What nationalities can participate?
What kind of roles do you offer to my students?
Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?
How does it work with the visa?
How does the application process work?
When is the deadline to apply?

The Intern Group partners with ILM (the Institute of Leadership & Management) to offer online career-development training modules . ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, coaching and management qualifications and training. These programs are available to admitted candidates in The Intern Group’s Colombia, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, and Melbourne programs, as an additional premium service.

ILM’s online training covers career topics such as communication styles, negotiation skills, and how to run a meeting; as well as business-management topics such as budgeting, planning, and staffing. Participants who complete ILM training receive a handsome printed certificate. For more information, please visit

To gain access to ILM training, simply tell your Admissions Officer that you would like to register, and a member of our staff will guide you through the process. There is a fee of £99 British Pounds for one year of access to the ILM training materials (this is in addition to the normal fee for The Intern Group program itself.)