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Business Internships in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a global center of finance and business. Business internships in the United Kingdom are the perfect opportunity to develop a strong professional network and launch a successful international career.

Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organisations including

Responsibilities at business internships in the United Kingdom may include:

  • Create content for web and print
  • Draft blog posts and company statements
  • Conduct consumer behavior research
  • Design and manage social media calendars
Responsibilities at business internships in the United Kingdom may include:

Internships in business in the United Kingdom

Here are just a few example roles our Business have taken on before:

  1. Project management

    Product managers are valued members of teams across organizations and industries. Interns gain experience planning and directing the flow of key company projects. They develop skills in budgeting, creating project scopes, and leadership.

  2. Risk analysis

    Risk management or analysis is usually associated with the world of finance and accounting. But it’s actually an essential element of any successful business. Intern duties may include learning to read and analyze data about markets and product performance, and assisting with presenting possible business decisions.

  3. Social media

    Social media skills are becoming increasingly important in the business world with each passing year. From Instagram ads to LinkedIn posts, the opportunities for a business to make its presence known online are endless. Interns are likely to gain experience in content creation, calendar management, and advertising.

  4. Marketing

    Marketing interns develop essential skills like how to create advertising complaints, develop pricing and sales strategies, and analyze consumer data. From social media to in-person events, the marketing field spans a broad range of strategies and expertise.

The business industry

The United Kingdom is home to one of the world’s largest economies and many of the top multinational companies. Internships in business in the United Kingdom offer unique exposure to the business world, and the chance to mingle with some of the world’s top business talent. The UK’s top industries include finance, construction, and consulting, but there are endless business opportunities for interns in every sector.

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“Every day the world is becoming more and more international, so if you have the opportunity right now at a young age to intern abroad, I think it will definitely help you in the future.“

Roberta Cueva Tecnológico de Monterrey

“When I first heard of this opportunity, I was a little hesitant in applying because of certain stereotypes that are associated with Colombia. Now I can very confidently sit here and affirm that none of those stereotypes are true.“

Afshan Akhtar & Fasih Ahmed Aga Khan University

“Sometimes when you’re looking for an internship it’s hard to find somewhere where you’re doing the actual work. If you don’t show up a day it doesn’t really affect anything but here you’re actually a part of a team where you can see the work you’ve done.“

Katie Jones Skidmore College

“This remote internship helped me to realize that I want to study computer science and that this is something that I'm passionate about. It's also something that I wouldn't have explored had I not done this internship.“

Sarah Swendseid Gap year student

“I got here and within three weeks I launched a space balloon. We were the first company in South America to launch any space involved system.“

Peter Panigiris Student from Australia

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