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International foreign language internships- Chile

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As one of Latin America’s strongest and fastest-growing economies, Chile is an excellent destination for those looking to learn about the global marketplace, or to launch an international career. International foreign language internships in Chile allow young professionals to put their Spanish skills to the test in a professional setting, whether in one of the country’s innovative startups, a multinational organization or a nonprofit. Chile’s capital city, Santiago, is an incredible environment in which to be immersed in Spanish, as it is home to Spanish speakers from around the globe, who come to live and work in Chile.

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Responsibilities at international foreign language internships in Chile may include:

  • Editing written materials and content for print and social media
  • Translating newsletters and other customer-facing materials
  • Transcribing articles, case studies and blogs
  • Attending events and translating in live time
  • Checking computer-translated documents for accuracy
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