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Interior Design Internships in Dublin

In 2014, Dublin was nominated amongst the final three cities to become the World Design Capital. What’s more, Dublin is also home to Offset, one of the most popular conferences for creative and design industries worldwide. Because the interior design industry is rapidly growing in this European city, internships in Interior Design in Dublin are the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge in all areas of this industry and gain professional experience, which will advance your career. 


Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organizations including

Responsibilities at Interior Design Internships in Dublin may include:

  • taking photographs of completed projects and creating portfolios for clients
  • assisting in designing, renovating, and redecorating rooms and buildings
  • researching interior design styles and materials
  • creating new designs using computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • liaising with builders and architects about how buildings should be built
  • working with clients to create designs for buildings and homes
Responsibilities at Interior Design Internships in Dublin may include:

Internships in Interior Design in Dublin

Here are a few examples of roles that our Interior Design Interns have taken on before:

  1. Interior Designer

    An interior designer creates solutions for any interior space, determining the layout of spaces within buildings and technical aspects such as lighting, sound, and temperature. Interior designers typically work closely with architects.

  2. Interior Design Sales Specialist

    The interior design sales specialist is responsible for providing customer service and assistance to customers in the design showroom. They also act as a liaison between the client and designer, and track and report business metrics. Their responsibilities also include assisting with inbound/outbound sales calls, staying on-trend, maintaining a working knowledge of various products and product lines, and building customer relations.

  3. Workplace Design & Furniture Planner

    A workplace design and furniture planner is a professional interior designer specializing in workplace design and fit-out. The job involves designing office environments and workplaces and helping clients to create functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing work environments to suit their needs.

  4. Interior Design Assistant

    An interior design assistant is responsible for supporting the senior designers in several tasks. The main functions of an interior design assistant include scheduling appointments with vendors and tradespeople, obtaining samples from vendors and suppliers, creating presentations for clients, preparing budgets and cost estimates, and organizing paperwork and files. 

  5. Kitchen and Bathroom Designer

    Kitchen and bathroom designers, as the title suggests, specifically design kitchens and bathrooms. To do that, they need to have technical knowledge of the different elements that go into kitchens and bathrooms, and how to install those critical elements that are required to make them fully functional.

The Interior Design Industry

What are remote internships?

Interior design is a very practical, hands-on profession. and is an excellent career choice for those with an eye for detail, spatial awareness, and technical drawing skills. Internships in Interior Design in Dublin can help you better those skills and become an expert in this field. 

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“Take this opportunity to not just see yourself as another intern, but to really take hold of the opportunity and use it as a stepping stone to get to where you want to be.“

Ashley & Lexi Youth Work

“You owe it to yourself right now and for the rest of your life to apply yourself and get out of your comfort zone.“

Erik Stettler Harvard Business School

“I feel like I'm learning new things everyday and more importantly, I enjoy coming to my internship everyday.“

Javier Ritter Saint Louis University

“Living in London and interning here has taught me that I am a very adaptable person. I've decided that I want to join a touring company and travel around the world.“

Chloe Schneider University of California Irvine

“Sometimes when you’re looking for an internship it’s hard to find somewhere where you’re doing the actual work. If you don’t show up a day it doesn’t really affect anything but here you’re actually a part of a team where you can see the work you’ve done.“

Katie Jones Skidmore College

“This remote internship helped me to realize that I want to study computer science and that this is something that I'm passionate about. It's also something that I wouldn't have explored had I not done this internship.“

Sarah Swendseid Gap year student

“I got here and within three weeks I launched a space balloon. We were the first company in South America to launch any space involved system.“

Peter Panigiris Student from Australia

Learn More About our Interior Design Internships in Dublin

Interior Design Internships in Ireland

Dublin is a vibrant city with a great deal of style, and is home to many top interior design agencies that are always in demand. All of our interns are placed with top-tier organizations across Dublin, allowing you to gain experience and knowledge in this exciting industry. Learn more about our internship program in Dublin here.

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