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Entrepreneurship internships - Colombia

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Medellín, Colombia is known as one of the top innovation hubs in Latin America. Its towering skyline and busy offices are home to some of the region’s most successful startups. Entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe call it home. Colombia is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which adds to the appeal for top talent to make their way there. An international entrepreneur internship in Colombia is an experience unlike any other. Interns get to experience the heart of South American startup culture, and gain a new and unique perspective on innovation and business. Interns consistently take on more meaningful and impactful projects with startups than in larger organizations, and are able to quickly build up a strong portfolio.

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Responsibilities at an international entrepreneur internship in Colombia may include:

  • Collaborating with marketing departments on tasks such as managing social media accounts and developing social media strategies
  • Providing customer support and taking part in client management and sales activities
  • Conducting research into the efficiency of company processes as well as industry best practices and documenting potential improvements
  • Fundraising through accelerator programs and identifying potential investors
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