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International film internships in Dublin

As one of Europe’s major tech and media hubs, Dublin is the perfect destination for young professionals hoping to build up a portfolio in the media industry. International film internships in Dublin offer immersion into a new business culture, as well as the chance to apply hands-on skills in a real-world setting. From local creative agencies to multimedia organizations, the city has a diverse array of offerings, and has attracted the top professionals from around Europe and the world, who make for perfect mentors, references and friends.

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Responsibilities at international film internships in Dublin may include:

  • Editing and revising screenplays and dialogue pre production
  • Post-production editing depending on skill level and interest using programs including Final Cut Pro
  • Taking on PA duties including helping with props, lighting and general setup
  • Assisting the directors with note taking and preparation
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