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Law Internships in Dublin

Internships in law in Dublin present aspiring professionals with unique insight into the European legal system. Law encompasses a huge variety of industries, from business and commercial law to personal injury and labor law. Interns will learn from the best in the field of law, build an essential network of connections and experience a different way of life in the beautiful city of Dublin.

Our alumni have interned at 3000+ organizations including:

Responsibilities at Law internships in Dublin may include:

  • Legal Advice
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Overseeing Corporate Transactions (Mergers, Acquisitions, etc.)
  • Legal Representation
Responsibilities at Law internships in Dublin may include:

Law Internships in Dublin

Here are a few examples of roles that our law interns have taken on before:

  1. Solicitor

    A solicitor is a general term encompassing all those with a professional qualification who are licensed to practice law. All interns wishing to practice as a solicitor must complete the exams set by the Law Society at Blackhall Place in Dublin. Solicitors offer legal advice in one or more specialized areas of law.

  2. Tax Consultant

    Tax Consultants are advisors to clients on matters of business, including mergers and acquisitions, demergers, and tax planning structures. Interns will gain hands-on experience in tax consultancy which combines the skill sets of accounting and law, often found in both industries.

  3. Barrister

    A barrister is also known as a counsel – an area of legal practice involving court advocacy and representation. Shadowing a barrister may see one undertake the responsibilities of a barrister including the provision of legal opinions and advice for clients, writing legal documents for cases, and representing clients in court or out-of-court settlements.

  4. Insurance

    Internships in Law in Dublin may lead you to the insurance industry as an alternative to the more well-known solicitor or barrister professions. Shadowing a lawyer working in insurance may involve broker consulting, loss adjusting, claims, underwriting, and financial consulting.

The Law Industry

To be successful in the law industry, there are several skills required, such as attention to detail, analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and a great competency in jurisprudence literature. All areas of law will also require confident and accurate communication abilities, both written and oral. The legal sector continues to grow due to rising business and property transactions, making it the perfect time to do your internship.

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Timothy Thirukkumar Queen's University

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Studying for law internship in Dublin

Whether your interests lie in family, business, or property law, completing a law internship in Dublin may just be the experience you need to kickstart a lucrative career in the legal sector. As this industry continues to grow, we ensure that all of our interns are placed with top-tier organizations. Learn more about our Dublin internship program here.

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