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Remote Architecture Internships

Remote architecture internships are the perfect chance to gain experience in a competitive and complex field, through hands-on training and collaboration with teams of global experts.

Our alumni have interned at firms including:

Whether you’re studying architecture or are looking to make a career change, remote architecture internships offer a valuable step up in the field. Due to the highly technical nature of most full-time architecture roles, professional experience is key. Top firms look for candidates with strong portfolios that demonstrate skills using software including Revit, SketchUp, and AutoCad, among others.

Remote architecture internships are a unique opportunity to learn from top firms around the world. As an intern, you’ll hone design abilities and rendering skills, and gain valuable experience working as part of a team. The collaborative nature of the architectural field is one of the most important elements of any professional placement in the industry. The connections and mentorship opportunities available to interns are beyond compare.

Responsibilities. at remote architecture internships may include:

-Assisting with scheduling for site visits and client consultations

-Performing project research

-Collaborating with designers, consultants,  urban planners, and contractors

-Creating outlines and 3-D models. using Photoshop, InDesign and more

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Our remote architecture internships offer motivated applicants a well-rounded experience within the industry. Whether you’re coming from the classroom or another career field, these placements are the perfect opportunity to put into practice your knowledge and skills. Interns are placed with top-tier architectural firms, and are assigned to both residential and commercial projects. Each placement is an opportunity to support top industry professionals, and benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience in executing high-quality projects.

Interns will gain insight into the full life cycle of a project, from planning and design, to construction and client presentation. While each position is unique and depends on your prior experience in the field, each intern acquires key skills. Interns learn how to plan multi-faceted projects, considering elements including scheduling, cost estimation, environmental considerations, and others.

The flexibility of a remote internship makes a wealth of global experience available to you in your home. Our interns are placed with firms around the globe, and learn virtually from the world’s top experts. The international network interns begin to form during their placements are valuable assets when it comes time to apply for full-time roles.

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Our remote/virtual program has everything you need to boost your career, including a leading remote internshipworld-class career advancement training and a keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders. Learn more about our global virtual internship program here.

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“Be open to everyone you meet - other interns, your coworkers - because everyone has something new to teach you and a new way of looking at things you may not have thought of before.“

Christian Ridder Temple University