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Remote Communications Internships

Remote communications internships are a great way to gain experience in a competitive, fast-growing field. The world of communications is enormous and incredibly diverse. From reporters covering breaking news to social media experts, advertising gurus and everything in between, the possibilities in this industry are endless. Remote internships in communications allow qualified and motivated candidates to gain a foothold in the media field.

Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organisations including

Responsibilities at remote communications internships may include:

  • Writing press releases, blogs, and other corporate outreach
  • Drafting pitches to various media outlets
  • Creating content adapted to various platforms
  • Managing social media calendars
Responsibilities at remote communications internships may include:

Remote internships in communications

Here are just a few example roles our communications interns have taken on before:

  1. Public relations

    Public relations interns are keyed in on controlling their organization’s external message and reputation. Interns gain experience writing press releases and public statements, as well as pitching stories about their company or industry to journalists.

  2. Copywriting

    If you have excellent writing skills and are interested in marketing or branding, copywriting may be the field for you. Copywriting interns gain experience writing for a variety of corporate purposes, including advertising, blogging, social media posts, and website content.

  3. Advertising

    The advertising field is extremely broad, but highly important in the world of corporate communications. Interns may gain experience in sales and branding, managing social media ads, or even creating multi-media promotional materials, depending on their skillset.

  4. Social Media

    Social media is one of the fastest-growing areas in the world of communications. Interns in social media placements are dropped in the hot-seat of advertising, brand awareness, and reputational management. Today, most companies use social media for many elements of their business, so developing these key skills early on is the best way to stand out.

The industry

The communications industry is home to many of the world’s most creative, organized, talented, and motivated professionals. One of the best things about internships in communications is that they open the door to an enormous range of possibilities. Regardless of your specific internship, getting a foot in the door of the communications field as a whole is essential. In fact, many top public relations specialists started out as journalists – many social media experts started out as bloggers. And vice versa! The field is varied, but the foundational skills you develop as an intern will take you far in whatever direction you choose.

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“This remote internship helped me to realize that I want to study computer science and that this is something that I'm passionate about. It's also something that I wouldn't have explored had I not done this internship.“

Sarah Swendseid Gap year student

“It was an opportunity that made me believe that life still goes on even during difficult times, like Covid-19.“

Desiree Castillo University of Puerto Rico

“This remote internship experience has helped me build communication skills, networking opportunities and most importantly confidence.“

Airieal Gibbs University of Phoenix

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Our remote internship program is the perfect way to get valuable professional experience. Regardless of your location or your schedule, these placements allow you to enhance your CV and begin to build a network. Learn more about our remote internship program here.

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