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Remote Engineering Internships

Remote engineering internships are the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on global experience in one of the most complex and competitive fields, from anywhere in the world.

Our alumni have interned at companies including:

Whether you’re still studying or have already started career, remote engineering internships offer a customized experience guaranteed to put you a step ahead of the competition. In a field as technical and competitive as engineering, real-world experience is key. Regardless of whether you’re a young professional or are looking to make a career change, relevant experience will be one of your strongest assets when applying for a job.

We offer remote engineering internships for all types of engineers, including chemical, industrial, mechanical, environmental, civil, and more! Of course, each internship placement is unique. Specific roles and responsibilities will vary greatly depending on your academic and professional experience, and which niche field you choose to pursue.

Responsibilities at remote engineering internships may include:

-Collaborating with a team to develop solutions for problems facing the business

-Assisting with strategic project planning and management

-Analyzing cost-effective heating and cooling systems through data analysis

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In the competitive field of engineering, hands-on experience is absolutely essential. However, that same experience can also be difficult to find, whether you’re finishing a degree or making a career change. Remote engineering internships equip you with the skills and industry knowledge required to succeed in your chosen field, and the invaluable connections required to find a full-time role later on.

In today’s increasingly virtual workplace, experience working remotely is valued highly by the world’s top companies. Interns collaborate closely with their mentors, teammates, and even clients, fully remotely. In this unique setting, engineering interns not only develop the technical know-how required to excel, but strong communication, self-motivation, and time management skills.

Remote engineering interns are placed with a wide variety of organizations, ranging from multinational firms to specialty companies and everything in between. Our strong global chain of host organizations allows interns to experience the highly international field of engineering, all from the comfort of their homes. Interns join an elite group of program alumni, who head out into the professional world with the backing of a diverse international network.

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Our remote/virtual program has everything you need to boost your career, including a leading remote internshipworld-class career advancement training and a keynote speaker series featuring global business leaders. Learn more about our global virtual internship program here.

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“The highlight of my internship was getting to work with the entire company. Two chairs down from me sat the CEO and behind me sat the CTO.“

Tyler Moehlman Texas A&M University