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Remote Environmental Internships

Remote environmental internships are unique opportunities for ambitious young professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Our alumni have interned at leading global organizations including:

Entering a competitive field

Careers in environmental fields are highly competitive and can be difficult to come by. For young professionals, there’s nothing more important than hands-on experience, and the network of experts that comes with it. Remote environmental internships are a key step on the path to a dream career in sustainability, research, conservation, and many others.

Experts in the environmental world come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Many of today’s top environmental careers have emerged recently, and continue to evolve with technological advancements.  Because many environmental fields are developing and changing quickly, young professionals with internship experience will have endless options and opportunities to explore.

Responsibilities at remote environmental internships may include:

-Researching eco-design, conservation and energy efficiency ideas

-Drafting proposals, white papers, and grant applications

-Schedule, plan, and write newsletters

-Assist with presentation preparation

-Analyze and format relevant data

Entering a competitive field

Explore remote environmental internships

Those who are accepted to our remote environmental internship program develop essential skills for the field, compile a portfolio of their professional work, and build up a network of experts. Each of these key elements ensures they stand out from their peers, and enter a competitive field several steps ahead.

Remote environmental internships allow competitive young professionals to familiarize themselves with the top technologies and processes of the environmental field. Interns are placed with a diverse range of organizations, including nonprofits, environmental publications, research facilities, and leading tech companies. Of course, remote internships vary slightly from many in-person opportunities. Each intern hones skills in research, data interpretation, writing, editing, and project management. These skills not only set interns apart from the competition, but ensure they leave their internship with a strong portfolio to showcase their skills.

While remote environmental internships don’t take place in an office, interns forge strong networks in their chosen industry. From tech entrepreneurs and sustainability experts to business professionals, the connections interns make are incredibly valuable. Letters of reference, mentorship, and professional introductions help interns to get ahead when they finish their studies. Regardless of your chosen path within the environmental industry, there’s nothing more valuable than a great professional network!

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“I would definitely recommend this experience to my friends. Just the experience of the internship, in general, is a good transition into getting a job afterward.“

Kate Sasser Texas Christian University