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Remote Event Planning Internships

Remote event planning internships offer professionals the chance to gain vital hands-on experience in an exciting and fast-growing industry.

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

The event planning industry is the perfect career opportunity for creative professionals with strong attention to detail and a love of logistics. Remote event planning internships offer a unique door into this fast-growing field. No matter your academic background, when it comes to finding a full-time role in event planning, nothing is as important as previous experience.

Interns take on a wide variety of roles, collaborating closely with top experts and teams. Each role is unique. Whether you’re placed with a boutique events agency or an internal public relations team, you’ll gain the key skills required for a successful career. Negotiation, project management, and budgeting are just a few of the important abilities that make the top event planners stand out. Remote event planning internships are also designed to ensure interns hone collaboration and communication skills, and gain experience with problem-solving in a professional setting.

Responsibilities at remote event planning internships may include:

-Assisting with the coordination of events, workshops, and conferences

-Conducting research into potential vendors, venues, caterers, etc.

-Fundraising and community outreach

-Managing social media accounts and agency websites

-Providing customer service for reservations, itineraries and more

-Collaborating with marketing, public relations, and accounting teams

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As the events industry continues to expand, the demand for talented event planners is also on the rise. Nearly every industry requires the skills of an event planner, for conferences, launches, workshops, and more. As a field, event planning is fast-paced and constantly changing. Remote event planning internships offer focused, flexible professionals the chance to learn by doing – working alongside planning teams and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

In these competitive virtual placements, interns take on many responsibilities, ranging from logistics and budgeting to outreach and project management. Successful interns have strong attention to detail and are able to think on their feet. Whether focusing on virtual, recorded, or live events, interns should be extremely flexible and ready to problem solve, as things tend to change quickly!

Of course, one of the most essential skills for an event planner is communication. Interns develop communication skills across a variety of stakeholders and platforms. They collaborate with their own team and manager, as well as with venues, caterers, entertainment, vendors, and more. These interactions require strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, which interns learn directly from top experts in the field. Remote event planning internships are also an excellent opportunity to begin building up a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and experience in the field. These portfolios can showcase everything from promotional flyers, branding work, project planning, and statistics about the success of events you helped to plan.

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