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Remote Government Internships

Remote government internships are the perfect opportunity for professionals from all backgrounds to gain experience in the political world, and develop a global network of connections in the field.

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Remote government internships are competitive placements perfect for ambitious professionals with a passion for public service. Our interns are placed with a wide variety of organizations around the world. Past interns have been involved in trade policy with the Colombian Government, conducting research for European political parties, advocating for policy change with nonprofits, and more!

These internships equip professionals with the necessary skills for launching a political career. Interns work under mentors in our top partner organizations, and learn from the most experienced professionals in a variety of fields. Whether you’re studying towards a degree or looking to make a career change, these placements are the perfect chance to enter your chosen field. Remote government internships are unique, in that applicants from all backgrounds and interests can find the perfect placement.

Interns can gain professional experience in the many fields touched by public policy. Environmental policy, international trade, education, health, and transportation, are just a few of the interest areas successful applicants have pursued.

Responsibilities at remote government internships may include:

-Event planning, campaigning and digital community outreach

-Conducting voter demographic and social issue research

-Writing blogs and creating digital and print content

-Bilingual skills are a plus

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Professionals pursuing political careers can take on internship roles across nonprofit organizations, legal firms, consulting agencies, and governmental departments. The most successful interns are dedicated and focused, as these placements are competitive, and immersed in fast-paced environments. The placements offer opportunities to learn about political systems in various parts of the world, as well as policymaking, and advocacy on a variety of issues.

For those entering a governmental career, having a strong network of contacts to help you on your way is essential. Without those professional connections, it can be difficult to find a full-time role after graduation, or to make a transition from a different field. Remote government internships are designed to ensure interns build strong relationships with key experts. From teammates and managers to long-term mentors, the connections made during these placements are vital elements of successful careers. Interns leave their placements with excellent references and potential letters of recommendation, as well as experts to offer advice throughout a career.

In addition to a strong professional network, interns develop other key skills that make them strong applicants in the various facets of government work. Depending on the placement, interns gain essential experience in researching a variety of topics, planning political events, and conducting outreach on various platforms. Additionally, these placements allow interns to gain skills in leadership, collaborating with remote teams, public speaking, and project management. Of course, in a remote setting, self-motivation and organization skills are also essential, and allow interns to take on important roles in their host organizations.

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“The highlights of the internship? I can’t possibly pinpoint one. Everything was extraordinary! The people I worked with, the work ethic, the values, the whole structure of work. Everything was so great.“

Danah Jaffar The University of Sydney