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Remote Computer Science Internships

Remote computer science internships are the perfect entry point to one of today’s most popular career fields. Interns gain hands-on technical experience and key industry knowledge through a placement with a top firm, as well as exposure to the global tech industry.


Our alumni have interned at 3,000+ organisations including

Responsibilities at computer science internships may include:

  • Front and back end web development
  • Conducting quality assurance testing
  • Research machine learning strategies
  • Identify and analyze industry trends
Responsibilities at computer science internships may include:

Remote Internships in computer science

Here are just a few example roles our computer science interns have taken on before:

  1. Data science

    Data science is one of the most challenging and in-demand areas of computer science. Interns in these roles learn about collecting and interpreting data, and using it to propose business solutions. Data scientists frequently coordinate closely with other teams within an organization, and collaborate with key stakeholders on projects.

  2. Machine learning

    Machine learning is one of the most innovative and exciting areas an intern can learn about. Depending on their level of experience, interns gain experience writing computer code to develop artificial intelligence programs. An increasing number of organizations across industries are turning towards machine learning, and as an intern, you’ll be at the forefront of this fast-growing field.

  3. Software engineering

    Coding is one of the most useful skills professionals in today’s global marketplace can have. Software engineering interns gain experience developing applications and testing code. They may also take part in debugging efforts, or conduct research on technical issues their team faces.

  4. User experience

    User experience experts are focused on improving a customer’s experience with a platform or product. Interns in this field may assist in conducting user research and creating mockups and proposals. They gain skills in project management, collaboration, and even web design.

The computer science industry

Computer science is the perfect field for those who love problem-solving and are endlessly curious. It’s a field that is growing every year, and holds opportunities in nearly every sector. Love the outdoors? Even environmentally-focused companies need software engineers. Cryptocurrency? Video games? Fashion? You name it – there’s a connected role using software development skills. Remote internships in computer science are the perfect way to get a head-start.

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“This remote internship helped me to realize that I want to study computer science and that this is something that I'm passionate about. It's also something that I wouldn't have explored had I not done this internship.“

Sarah Swendseid Gap year student

“It was an opportunity that made me believe that life still goes on even during difficult times, like Covid-19.“

Desiree Castillo University of Puerto Rico

“This remote internship experience has helped me build communication skills, networking opportunities and most importantly confidence.“

Airieal Gibbs University of Phoenix

Learn more about our remote internship program

Our remote internship programs allow students and professionals to gain professional experience on their own schedules. In addition to a top-tier placement, interns have access to a variety of professional development tools, and begin to build their professional network. Learn more about our remote internship program here.

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