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Remote Language and Translation Internships

Remote translation internships allow professionals from all backgrounds to gain professional experience in a variety of fields while utilizing their foreign language skills in a professional setting.

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

Remote translation internships offer ambitious linguists a chance to set themselves apart from their peers and boost their careers in their chosen industry. These placements are designed to provide international experience that can be gained from the comfort of your home. Interns connect with like-minded individuals and professionals from different parts of the world, and improve their professional translation skills in a variety of industries.

Whether you’re hoping to use your language abilities in a legal or judicial setting, or in the international business world, professional internship placements will take your skills to the next level. Interns are placed in organizations ranging from global nonprofits to corporations and are equipped with the essential tools for successful careers.

Responsibilities at remote translation internships may include:

-Transcribing articles, case studies, blogs and other text

-Attending virtual events and translating in live time

-Edit materials translated by computers to check for accuracy

Explore remote translation internships

In today’s incredibly global economy, foreign language skills are incredibly valuable. Bilingual professionals are some of the most valued in any industry, and have the flexibility to pursue careers around the world. Remote translation internships offer the chance to utilize your language skills in a professional global setting, from anywhere in the world.

Translation abilities are essential for many organizations in nearly every field, from international marketing and journalism to nonprofit work and education. Whether you learned a foreign language through your studies, or grew up speaking multiple languages at home, those skills are greatly desired by future employers. Remote translation internships allow you to hone your professional use of the language, and demonstrate your ability to move seamlessly between languages.

Bilingual professionals are cornerstones in today’s international marketplace, as they easily collaborate with entrepreneurs, executives, and employees in other parts of the world. No matter your second language, your ability to translate documents, events, and news, allows you to take on leadership roles in any industry that piques your interest. Our interns work closely with leading professionals in a variety of international internships, and go on to successful careers all around the world.

Here are just a few example roles our translation interns have taken on before:

  1. Virtual Events

    In today’s increasingly online and globalized world, virtual events are increasingly popular and highly attended. Translating for these types of events is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in professional translations, and make connections at organizations around the world.

  2. Content Preparation

    International organizations operating in more than one language, frequently have a large amount of content to prepare for consumers in different parts of the world. Interns may gain experience translating or editing content for websites, promotional materials, newsletters, and more.

  3. Social Media Translation

    Preparing bilingual content for social media is a common element of remote internships in translation. From Tweets and Linkedin posts to translating captions for reels and videos, interns are able to add social media management and professional translation to their professional portfolios.

  4. Editing

    In addition to creating and preparing content, translation interns may also review and edit existing translations for accuracy and intent. Automated translations are becoming increasingly widely used, making the editing process increasingly important, no matter the language.

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