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Virtual Legal Internships

For those considering a career in the legal field, virtual legal internships are a unique opportunity to learn from top industry professionals while developing key skills and experience.

Our alumni have interned at firms including:

Launching a legal career

Whether you’re considering law school, have already started or finished your legal studies, or want to gain legal experience for a non-practicing career, virtual legal internships are a great way to gain entry into this most competitive industry. These placements are ideal for competitive young professionals with strong communication skills and attention to detail.

Nearly every field in today’s workforce has a legal element, from internal counsel at top tech companies to roles at nonprofits. A legal background is incredibly valuable, no matter which industry you hope to enter. The roles and tasks available to interns vary based on their academic and professional experience.

Responsibilities at virtual legal internships may include:

-Researching and reporting on previous case studies and legislation

-Assisting with preparation for trials, hearings and depositions

-Attending virtual client meetings and assisting with clerical work

Launching a legal career

Explore virtual legal internships:

For young professionals who want to make a difference in the world, the legal field is a common choice. From environmental law to human rights, advocacy, and health, there are endless ways professionals with a legal background can put their skills to use. Regardless of your area of interest, a virtual legal internship is an excellent way to develop the skills that are critical to a successful career, including research, analysis, and writing skills.

Top firms and organizations look to hire full-time employees who have strong previous experience, as well as initiative, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. An internship on your CV can demonstrate each of those, and can provide students with samples of their work in a professional setting. Professional experience is also key for those hoping to apply to top law schools, as they set you apart from other competitive applicants.

The world’s best legal experts have excellent communication skills, work seamlessly with both in-office and distributed teams, and work efficiently under pressure. In addition to those key skills, applicants who are accepted to our virtual legal internships develop strong research abilities, presentation and public speaking skills, and an aptitude for the top legal technology.



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